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  • Edmund.Benson
    buy again
    I bought these shoes because they are breathable and light. Since I often fly long distances, I need light sports shoes that I can wear at the hotel gym or that can penetrate air for hours on the fly. So I gave it a try. They're made of hollow, so they're very breathable . They are light and have flexible soles, so they are easy to fit in the suitcase. They have a nice mat inside, so they are comfortable to walk on. I take them hiking, they work well, the soles are non-slip, will buy again!

    Dec 25,2018

  • Coo.Doick.
    Value for money
    Not only these shoes looks great, but they are also very comfortable.. The insoles make them comfortable for walking and running. I love the breathable mesh makes them great for the warmer weather.Sole is extremely flexible and have a nice bounce. Stitching quality seems pretty good, inside foam quite thick. I absolutely would recommend to anyone looking for a stylish comfortable shoe. Value for money!

    Dec 15,2018

  • Gonzalo
    Great shoes!
    Excellent value for money! It's not the lightest tennis shoe, but it's comfortable and allows for good foot breathing, as announced. I loved my purchase of 2 units and different colors. Would buy again.

    May 13,2019

  • Sergei
    Доставка очень, очень быстрая. Пришли в заводской упаковке. Качество отличное. Удобные, ноги хорошо проветриваются. Подошева в меру мягкая. Я доволен товаром.

    May 22,2019

  • Kevin.J-2
    good purchase!
    Very fashionable casual shoes, I can wear it for outdoors sports or daily activity , very comfortable, wear for a period of time, feel very durable, good purchase!

    Dec 15,2018

  • Albert007
    really convenient.
    I like this brown one. The shoes are of good quality. You don't need to tie your own shoelaces, but you can adjust them by yourself, which is really convenient.

    Dec 19,2018

  • Dries
    Excellently light and airy to wear all day. Neat and tidy enough to wear as casual shoes in town. rugged enough to wear hiking and camping.

    Jul 12,2019

  • Danles*35
    The size is very standard, mainly for mountaineering. I especially like the design of anti-kick toe and anti-slip sole. recommended!

    Dec 15,2018

  • Leonard.liam
    very satisfied!
    The shoes are breathable, comfortable to wear, and the sole is non-slip,very satisfied!

    Dec 31,2018

  • Valeriy K
    Ботики на лето
    На мой 43 тесноваты. Склейка выглядит неряшливо. Если взять немного побольше, то впечатление будет получше.

    Jun 06,2019