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  • Rachel Hasley
    I had multiple under counter LED light circuits that were using an radio frequency RF remote controller that would not synchronize all circuits for on and off, I switched them out with this LED remote and I now have complete control over the circuits, I had hoped the RF controller would permit me to control all circuits at the same time but some would turn on and other other would stay off until I hit the control switch multiple on and off times until they synchronized

    Aug 25,2018

  • Hector Luis Rievra Diaz
    The machine gets weather forecast data over the internet and adjusts how much water it gives depending on temperature wind and rain, its much easier to understand than the old dumb sprinkler controller we have, and it much easier to make physical adjustments to the system due to remote on off, easier to setup programs to save water, and the automatic water saving based on weather is great

    Nov 10,2018

  • Dorothy Tuash
    Integration with the iPhone app is very good, although the app continually crashes if I try to explore the WiFi Settings screen - not a crisis since I'm able to setup WiFi from the unit itself, so far the unit is watering fine and I can control it from my local WiFi network as well as cellular external network from my iPhone

    Oct 14,2018

  • binh pham
    You do need a wireless connection to control the RainMachine, right now I just use the mobile device browser to access my RainMachine, another feature that uses an internet connection if available is that it allows you to choose the internet weather station it will use to manage your water usage

    Sep 03,2018

  • Kaye
    I've been very impressed with this controller, I was looking for a replacement for my manual controller and decided I wanted something I could control through WiFi, this had excellent reviews on other sites so I decided to give it a try and have not been disappointed

    Sep 30,2018

  • Murph51
    The MPPT makes it a great controller but where it really shines is the added bluetooth functionality with complete control over setup, and realtime and stored charging history give it some very welcome added value all in one package

    Sep 24,2018

  • Tiffany Rea
    I love my Rachio controller and the ability it gives me to control my watering, you can only control from your connected device through your Wi-Fi, and installation was easy

    Dec 10,2018

  • Todd G.
    This latest purchase I tested the WIFI capable products and used the remote control and voice activated features

    Sep 02,2018

  • Andrew G
    This latest purchase I tested the WIFI capable products and used the remote control and voice activated features

    Aug 27,2018

  • TheGreatSadPanda
    Excellent product bridging a gap between RF technology and WiFi

    Sep 24,2018