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  • Mike
    Happy with this purchase
    Bright light, slim design and easy installation. They were easy to install with a step ladder, screwdriver, and very basic electrical knowledge. I got this light to mount over my bed. I usually read books before going to sleep. The intelligent control is easy and useful in daily life. So we bought another in our walk-in closet. Happy with this purchase.

    Sep 15,2020

  • Angelababy
    Works exactly as described
    Works exactly as described. The regular White LED is very good and is better than most I’ve seen. The APP control work well and offers many setting and is easy to use. It was relatively easy to set up to the ceiling and connect to my smartphone. This device is awesome. Just what I needed and personally I love that it’s super bright!

    Oct 15,2020

  • JB
    Highly recommend to you
    Great product. I would say it’s better than its price point. Material seems durable and high quality. The main light is white, and we could change colors for party or other scenes. App control is easy and convenient. Just lying on the sofa, I could control and adjust brightness via smartphone. We are very happy with it and hope it lasts for many years!

    Nov 04,2020

  • Susan
    Such a keeper
    I live in an old house where the living room does not have any ceiling lights! So I bought it. I could adjust brightness and personalize scenes on the phone. I quickly read the instruction and the installation was super easy. This took nearly 15 minutes. Besides, high color rendering index makes it a Winner. Highly recommend to you!

    Nov 23,2020

  • Jeff
    Better than I expected
    Classic design, well constructed, more intelligent. Recommend to you!

    Sep 15,2020

  • David
    Arrived on time
    Great product. I could control the light via my smartphone!

    Oct 20,2020

  • Leon
    Exactly what I wanted
    It is so bright. Installation was very simple. We love it!

    Nov 09,2020

  • James
    5 thumbs up
    I was really surprised by how bright the light was!

    Oct 10,2020

  • Tommy
    Great product
    LED, daylight color and easy installation.

    Nov 02,2020