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  • Marko
    Not worth a penny
    I‘m aware not to expect too much at a price below $5, but this is not even a 5 minute fun gadget.
    Used with an iPhone X.

    Poor lens quality that makes it Impossible to make even one sharp picture.

    Jan 11,2019

  • Sri Sai Nikhith
    The product is totaly in good condition even after shipping around for more than 4 weeks .Guys the products will be delivered slowly but in a good condition.

    Feb 01,2019

  • Abdelilah Hassani
    Sunglass for phone
    I have come up with a lens that is very wonderful and with a beautiful design and thank you gearbest

    Dec 17,2018

  • youssef ait elcaid
    had zoom na9ss
    kif walo hada blma tchriwh rah 3yan kizommi ms chi haja na9ssa! wa chokran
    hh gearbest top
    knshkom blama tchriwh

    Apr 05,2019