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  • Paolo
    I do not normally write a lot of reviews, but this one is worth it.
    I had done about 2 weeks worth of research, lined up the pros and cons of each type of robo vacuum, and for the price point, this came out on top. In fact, it meets and exceeds my expectation. It has 2500Pa powerful suction, so it cleans, and pics up all small hairs (dog)and long hair (woman), along with thing I couldn't even see with my own eyes. It does a wall parameter clean, as well as back in forth row style clean. Tthis is the unit that I would recommend. It beats the other brands and models for both functionality and result (on average). Yes... on average.

    Dec 05,2019

    This sweeping robot vacuum cleaner is fairly well. Struggles with animal hair on the carpet. I suppose this is because the dog hair sticks into the carpet like velcro. I would say it gets about 80% of the pet hair on the first swipe. I still need to try more mode but cannot without the app working properly. VSLAM seems to be excellent, be sure to have electrical cords off the ground. Thoroughly cleaning the roller brush, dust bin, and filter helps the vacuum to get the carpet extra clean.

    Dec 05,2019

  • Wolfgang
    Well worth it- an awesome machine!
    Instructions are straight Chinese- they don’t even attempt a bad translation like you usually see on these things. However, once I got it set up this thing is awesome. The key to setup is figuring out how to download the app. Then, you have to set it up by finding your product within their product line. Once set up you can change the voice to an English speaking person but until then it’s difficult to know what the commands are. Once you switch over it all works perfectly!

    Dec 06,2019

  • Joel Bryant
    It’s sooo nice to walk into a freshly vacuumed home every day
    I love this vacuum. Haven't messed with the app yet, all I did was hit the power button after docking and it cleaned my entire down stairs (it filled up fully 5 times on the first run (two dogs two cats)). Thought it would get stuck on the chair legs, carpets, humps between rooms and uneven floors, but managed them wonderfully. The bin is filling up and it sucks up everything I can see.

    Dec 08,2019

  • David D.
    Happy with this robot helping tidy your home.
    I love how efficient this little guy is! It maps as it goes and does a perimeter run then goes back and forth along the spaces inside. it's a modern day marvel. having the map go to your phone or tablet is very fun too! you can even drive it from your device like a remote control cleaning toy! FYI, we have hardwood floors and a toddler who messes for fun.

    Dec 07,2019

  • igor
    great product
    nice looking robot, it works pretty fast. I haven't tried mop function, only standard mode and it works perfectly. I have only problem to scan device via mi home but after changing location to China everything was solved.

    Jan 05,2020

  • Romanko11111
    Xiaomi mijia 1c
    , very super good product, It is my first vacuum cleaner and I am very satisfied with my expectations, it will pass about 2, 5 mm dust, 2500 pascal solos

    Jan 20,2020

  • Ammon
    Very good quality
    Received after 15 days shipping date. Quick setup with CHINA mainland area. It works well and is very fast. If battery level is low, it goes back to charging dock.Only issue is that can't choose to clean only 1 room by selecting on the map. Have to close door and move the charging dock in every room if i want to clean only 1 instead of whole apartment

    Jan 19,2020

  • Ana
    Mijia 1c
    La aspiradora está muy bien, tanto para aspirar como fregar. Con 1 hora de uso me di cuenta que es un dinero bien gastado. Me encanta que se pueda programar en español. El paquete llegó en buen estado. Le quito puntos porque la compré el 06/12 y llegó el 30/01, cuando se suponía que llegaba en 12-25 dias.

    Jan 30,2020

  • Lien Hanh Nguyen
    Xiaomi Mijia 1C - A good friend
    I bought it for my mom as a present. It works very well and quite. I has a better price to compare with the other devices , however it has more feature than the similar level competition. Great product

    Dec 20,2019