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SER V4 RTA Atomizer
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SER V4 RTA Atomizer

- Negru

Design de umplere top / Bottom flux de aer reglabil / 4.5ml
4.82 93 Recenzii de la clienți | Please refer to English description
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Caracteristici principale:
Capacitate: 4,5ml
Proiectare completă de umplere
Flux de aer reglabil în partea inferioară
Subiect: 510
Diametru: 23mm
Material: oțel inoxidabil și sticlă


Detalii produs

Tip: Recondiționabil atomizor,Reconstructibile rezervoare
Recondiționabil atomizor: RBA,RTA
Material: Sticlă,Oţel inoxidabil
Capacitatea rezervorului: 4,5 ml
Fir: 510
Diametru general: 23mm

Dimensiunea și greutatea

Greutatea produsului: 0,0770 kg
Greutatea pachetului: 0,1410 kg
Dimensiunea produsului (L x W x H): 6,80 x 2,30 x 2,30 cm / 2,68 x 0,91 x 0,91 țoli
Dimensiunea ambalajului (L x L x Î): 13,20 x 3,70 x 3,70 cm / 5,2 x 1,46 x 1,46 țoli

Conținutul pachetului

Conținutul pachetului: 1 x SER V4 RTA, 1 x sac de accesorii, 1 x rezervor din oțel inoxidabil, 1 x rezervor din plastic

SER V4 RTA Atomizer- Negru

SER V4 RTA Atomizer- Negru

SER V4 RTA Atomizer- Negru

SER V4 RTA Atomizer- Negru

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Recenzii de la clienți

4.82 out of 5
  • 80
  • 13
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  • Pablo.
    Da (1) Culoare: Black
    Well Designed RTA
    This tank was a big surprise. I had not heard or read anything about this RTA before.I liked the look and decided to get it on an impulse. I am very glad I did! It is designed amazingly well, so well that the AFC and JFC systems are among the best I’ve seen to date. The build quality of the clone itself is phenomenal and fit and finish are near perfect kudos to ShenRay. The tank arrived clean, although I always recommend a good wash before use. The color of this tank is a very thick plating(not paint) and is very resistant to scratches and fading. I’ve used it on daily basis for a couple of months and the finish is still perfect. It has a wide Drip Tip, and included in the package is an adapter, in case you want to use your own 510 Driptip. This RTA is packaged as a kit with a lot of goodies: a glass tank, protected with two different styles of metal shield frames. There’s a second acrylic Tank included in case you worry about the fragile glass tank and spares for pretty much any consumable part. This tank provides a fantastic flavor that rivals Hussar(dual coil model) and Skyline, among the best (IMHO) tanks this year. The JFC Design is excellent and one of the most effective I’ve seen, no faults as long as it has the right o-ring installed and you keep turning it clockwise. The AFC is also excellent, and can provide Ideal airflow for both Restricted(a little) DL and MTL vaping. There are a few cons as in every tank. First, there are a few parts, errrr... not really! Lots of parts, and almost everything comes off. So, if you’ve taken it apart to clean, make sure you know what goes where, especially the o-rings. Not as bad as Kayfun v4, but up there with it. It is a tall tank, but considering what you get, it’s a small con to worry about. Next is, in order to deliver the excellent flavor it provides, the vapor chamber and the build area have been designed small. So, if you’re into big builds and Clapton coils, you better know gymnastics before you start your builds :-). Another con is, most higher end RTA’s are designed with little guide holes for the wick to sit in. Not in this tank. So, it may be a bit tricky for people with less experience in building to fit the wick properly. Make sure you watch a video or two from YouTube reviewers; there are plenty, in different languages too. Finally, I find the air and juice openings a bit on the smaller side. I have never encountered a dry hit, not even close, and the airflow has always been my type of DL. But they may be a concern for some. I have restrained myself from babbling about this tank and how great it is. In short, I find it to be one of the best tanks I’ve owned, in every aspect, and I pretty much own most RTA tanks. I couldn’t recommend it enough!

    Sep 10,2018

  • Darren Bentley
    Da (1) Culoare: Silver
    SRV4 RTA
    Great RTA
    great quality
    lots of extras , 2 SS tank cages ,glass tank ,
    PC tank spares .
    has a nano kit available with MTL post ,
    510 drip tip
    Top fill
    jfc ,
    23mm have not got 2 love them , similar to TF gt v3
    good spaced deck fits some nice builds
    easy to use , easy build deck
    love it buy it whilst you still can TDP Regulations will stop this capacity .
    none its great

    Apr 27,2017

  • Mustafa
    Da (1) Culoare: Black
    SER V4 RTA Atomizer Black
    Sehr guter Single Coiler und um einiges günstiger wie das Originale.
    Super Verarbeitung, Gewinde laufen sehr gut.
    Viel Extras dabei.
    Nach dem Silbernen jetzt in Schwarz bestellt, sagt doch alles oder ?
    Sehr einfach zu Wickel, gerade für Anhänger optimal.
    Im Vergleich zu Ammit 25 und co. ist der *NICHT* Open Draw, also auch mit voll offener AFC ist die Luft restriktiver.

    Unbedingt vorher reinigen.

    Aug 30,2017

  • Abdul
    Da (1) Culoare: Silver
    Parfait v4
    Excellent flavor
    Very good build quality
    Usable in a wide range, from 15 - 50 Watts flavour, vapour very good, keeps cool
    easy to wick, good afc/lc
    fits on most boxes/mods

    Aug 14,2017

  • Nicolas
    Da (1) Culoare: Silver
    flavor is on point with this one at reasonable juice consumption. if you know how to handle this atty she will be your best friend.
    not too easy to build on - cotton should not go inside the wick holes but should juat sit on top of it. Muji cotton does not work too well cotton beacon is more stable at 50 w.

    plus pole is too short.

    May 10,2018

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