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  • Petr
    UTORCH S1 Mini - flashlight in each pocket.
    Miniature torch UTORCH S1 Mini. The flashlight is really miniature. One of the smallest flashlight on the 16340 battery. A convex lens is used instead of the reflector. The result is a very wide beam of light. The flashlight does not have a great range, but it is illuminated by the closest surroundings within 20-30 meters. The light is yellowish. It is about 4000K. Included in the package is LUMINTOP 16340 with direct charging via USB. Very pleasant benefit. Tailcap contains a strong magnet. Control is very intuitive. Short push to switch on and off between low-mid-hi. Long press from off is moon. The transition between individual power modes is soft. The torch slowly lights up to the required power and behaves as the power goes lower. The lamp can be locked for a very long time (four seconds) against unintentional switch-on, for example in the pocket. Double-click from the off button to determine the battery capacity. The push of a rubber button is nice. The packing includes a flashlight, a 16340 battery with direct USB charging, a spare O rings, a clip on a belt. Missing hand strap ($ 0.01) and charging cable. He could also be part of it.Overall, I count the lamp as hilarious. Of course, it depends on the purchase price. I bought her in action with a significant discount compared to the standard price. In my view, the lamp is specific by using a convex lens. If someone is looking for a larger beam, S1 is not the right choice for him.

    Aug 28,2018

  • Nick
    Tiny Flooder
    Bought this flashlight as a gift turns out this is perfect. Most people don't own special batteries and chargers. This light comes with its own rechargeable battery, which you can charge through a micro usb cable. Chargingis simple and works great, red light for charging and green light when it's full doens't get simpler than that. The light output is quite high for such a tiny flashlight. The beam is all flood no throw. Good for close range stuff. This is the 5000K one but its more like 3700k -4300K. Perfect as a gift.

    Aug 23,2018

  • bigbogie
    Excellent flashlight for short-range use
    Excellent build quality. The convex lens forms a wide (maybe 80 degree), even beam with no hot spot. Actual CCT is more like 4000K than the listed 5000K, but that's a plus for me. Mode spacing is very good, with instant access to Moonlight (long press from Off) or memorized mode (short click from Off). "Blinky" modes (Strobe, SOS, and Beacon) are hidden. Lumintop 700 mAh RCR123A battery included.
    Fairly low CRI, and not much throw, so really only good for close range. Some people won't like the long press for Off.

    Jun 16,2018

  • ok
    Utorch S1 Mini CREE XP - L HD V6 LED Flashlight 5 Modes
    t's small fits in the pocket It has memory to save Last light intensity supports rain with the oring installed. But the measures all is the battery that accompanies it. You can recharge the battery directly without the charger or directly on the battery with a USB cable.

    Dec 13,2018

  • Markus Kaiser
    Was für ne Power! WOW
    Für diesen Preis einfach unschlagbar. Schön klein mit seitlichem Klicker und einem Akku im Lieferumfang der sich per mikro USB aufladen lässt.Das Lichtbild ist weit gestreut dank 600 lumen aber ausreichen hell. etwas mehr gebündelt wäre wünschenswert ist aber ok.3 normale modi: low middle highfirefly mode, strobe, sos und Beacon zusätzlich noch eine klickersperre bei mehr als 4 sekunden druck. Gut verarbeitet und magnetische endkappe.klare Empfehlungen.

    Oct 15,2018

  • Casi
    S1 Mini
    Uhh, die Utorch S1 Mini ist wirklich mini ! Gerade einmal so groß wie mein Daumen passt sie noch an ein Schlüsselbund. Das Lichtbild ist durch die verbaute Linse extrem flutig und bietet sich für kurze oder maximal mittlere Distanzen an. Da die S1 Mini inkl. eines 16340 Akkus mit eigenem Mikro-USB-Port geliefert wird ist der Preis mehr als fair !

    Aug 14,2018

  • Krockodile
    Its a great flashlight with a beautiful beam, its too powerful for a neighborhood setting in my opinion but this flashlight was awesome and I had no intention of sending it back for refund except it started flickering too much right after purchase, anybody who receives a non defected flashlight of this mod will be well pleased

    Aug 23,2018

  • Carsten
    S1 Mini
    Die S1 Mini ist wirklich klein, sie hat die Größe meines Daumens ! Die Lampe macht einen anständigen Eindruck und wurde samt eines per Mikro-USB-Ports ladbaren Akkus geliefert ( erspart ein externes Ladegerät). Durch die verbaute Linse erzeugt sie ein extrem flutiges Lichtbild.
    Zur Zeit nichts.

    Jul 27,2018

  • Stephen Wojtila
    Once you start using this one every other light will be dim by comparison, but also a nice amount of flood for closer up, proprietary battery pack isn't ideal, but is made with high quality cells, the ability to remove the cells would be a nice feature, the High mode is the perfect balance of brightness

    Jul 21,2018

  • Marcelo Menezes
    Qualidade do produto.
    Gostei bastante da lanterna. Ela é pequeno cabe no bolso tem memória para guardar última intensidade de luz suporta chuva com a oring instalada. Mas o mede tudo é a bateria que acompanha ela. Você consegue recarregar diretamente na bateria sem precisar de carregador ou seja diretamente na bateria com um cabo USB.

    Oct 12,2018