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  • FY5888
    Budget friendly charger
    -Basic but practical charger.
    -Equipped with LED indicator to show status.
    -5000mAH capacity is a little doubtful, but should be plenty of time before it goes out.
    -Really cheap.
    -Simple operation, plug in battery(ies) and turn it on, charges battery in under 2 hours.
    -The socket should have followed the region of buyer
    -Improved version should come with protection features.

    Jun 09,2016

  • Giuliano
    Ultra Fire 18650 Alta Capacità 3,7V 5000mA...
    Aspettavo questo prodotto da molto tempo,avendo già fatto un ordine il 25-11-2018, con altre batterie,il pacco fu spedito il giorno 4-12-2018, numero della spedizione-RU266132183NL,tramite il metodo di spedizione-EUEXPTH -ma nel pacco(come ebbi a scrivere allora) mancavano proprio queste batterie,-ne ho dedotto che il pacco fosse manomesso-Pazienza- Comunque il prodotto è ottimo ed io lo uso per il mio hobby aeromodellistico "Hold-Timer" e sono soddisfatto.

    Apr 16,2019

  • Lendi
    Power for my torch
    It's a bargain and the quality is very satisfying. I've been using the batteries intensively for more than a week now and never let me down.
    My LED torch runs for hours and I don't have to recharge them often.
    The true capacity might not be exactly 5000mAh

    Sep 01,2015

  • lr
    Un kit bon marché
    Un ensemble batteries et chargeur bon marché.
    Pas encore testé.

    Parfait pour une lampe de poche ou un laser.
    A set of batteries and cheap charger.
    Not yet tested.

    Perfect for a flashlight or laser.

    Aug 02,2019

  • Radoslav Bukarica
    Best value for money you can get. Battery capacity is not tested, but they are working well. Charger is cheap version, but for this amount of money is the best one you can get. In general, good bundle, highly recomended for all.
    To consider possibility for EU version of charger in the future or to offer US/EU adapter for buing in the bundle.

    Feb 11,2015

  • Tibor
    Cant beat the price of this charger. Works great and batteries are charged in 2 hours. Saves on buying batteries everytime you need them.

    Dec 28,2014

  • Alexandre Santana
    Batteries and inteligent charger
    The product has good quality and I used to handle utrafire products yet, I just need to improve it's lasting in my flashlight.

    Sep 18,2016

  • Bob F.
    UltraFire 18650 3.7V 5000mAh Li-ion Rechargeable Battery 2PCS
    Items received as identified.

    All 3 pieces function as expected.
    - Charger is compact and easily packed
    - Batteries are large capacity as identified @ 5,000 maH

    Good value in my opinion.

    Aug 04,2019

  • UltraFire 18650 Char
    Very Cheap bundle
    A smart and light package of 2 Batteries without Protection and with the US-Plug at the charger. For use in other parts of the world dont forget to order the regional adapter.
    no cons

    Jul 13,2015

  • guillermo
    Good quality / price. No spain adapter
    very good price . Includes two batteries. Is small and ideal for traveling. Recommended purchase if you need an economic charger and small size
    No adapter for Spain. The material is plastic and does not look very resistant. Is designed to use it as a travel charger. No cable so you can not connect it from a distance.

    Dec 28,2016