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Make it great. Ulefone has never stopped to pursue excellence in its work, and their history has shown a steady climb of growth. While Ulefone chooses to opt for quantity over quality, fans have agreed that these smartphones offer some of the best price to feature ratio. There is always something new at Ulefone so be sure to keep in touch with how they are bringing some of the newest technologies to our world.

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4.7 din 5

Punctajul mediu din recenzii bazat pe 333 recenzii

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  • Ulefone Armor 6E 4G Phablet Ulefone Armor 6E 4G Phablet

    Shipped before promised. Shipping took less time than suggested. Courier was good to work with. Arrived in perfect condition.
    I haven't tested every aspect. But the most obvious functions all work as expected (charging; camera; screen; wifi; telephone).
    However the skin of the operating system is disappointing. There is no app drawer in the launch bar. So, for instance, there is no way to access the Files (file manager) app because it does not come with an icon on the home screens. On the Armor 6 this absence of an app drawer could be changed by long press on the home screen to access Launcher Settings. But this is not present on my 6E. (no launcher settings) There is also a lot of functionality missing from the Home Settings menu.
    I liked the side slide in animation for loading apps that the Armor 6 has. But that is also missing from my 6E.
    There is no underwater mode (for camera use) that is advertised for the device.
    Bokeh is the fake circular blurring effect and not the true aperture adjustment, out of focus effect.
    There are fewer camera modes than the Armor 6 has, and aperture adjustment is one that is absent. So i wonder whether the 2nd rear camera is truly being used.
    In other words it looks like the 6E is missing a lot of the great details and OS customization that Ulefone showed they were capable of with the 6. And yes, i have checked that i'm running the latest updates via the About Phone settings section.
    The user manual is a meagre 8 pages in your language, including about 3 pages of pictures of basic layout. So not much detail.
    I love the position of the power button. The fingerprint sensor is in a good position too.
    Tricks for new owners
    - If the USB seems loose when plugging it in first time, then it isn't in far enough. Phone will indicate when charging starts.
    - The fingerprint scanner requires long hold (till 2nd vibration) when setting up.

  • Ulefone Armor 6E 4G Phablet Ulefone Armor 6E 4G Phablet

    The product arrived as advertised...on time and in new condition. My T-Mobile works fine on it, but the cellular signal is not quite as strong as my last phone (due to rugged case?). I wish the Bluetooth would have been 5.0 in lieu of 4.2 (new that before ordering). Bluetooth works fine with my speakers and headset, but extremely low volume when connected to my car as a phone (May be an Android Pie issue?...hopefully if so a system upgrade will be forthcoming). The screen is adequately bright but kind of tough to see in the sun. MiraVision settings help the display pop. Fingerprint reader does respond quickly, but incorrectly at times. Anytime it is touched with any part of your hand it seems to iterate a number of touches and say locked out due to the number of attempts...wish there was a way to turn its sensitivity down. The UI is stock Android (Launcher 3) as I prefer certain launcher functionality, I upgraded to NOVA Launcher Prime. When used as a phone, both people can hear fine (a few people had issues with this on the 6). Overall, it is a quick, rugged phone with excellent battery life and not loaded with a bunch of bloatware (Just the toolbox and required Google apps)...exactly what I was looking for.

  • Ulefone Armor 3T 4G Phablet Ulefone Armor 3T 4G Phablet

    I bought this phone for my daughter because I wanted her to have a phone with a battery that would last more than a day and be reasonably tough

    Things I like:
    - The build quality feels great.
    - The phone feels sturdy
    - The case at the top and bottom are a little bit bigger than the screen which means it is protected if it falls face down
    - The battery life is fantastic... as expected
    - There is no crapware on the phone. I was very surprised that there are no additional applications pre-installed on the phone

    Neutral things:
    - The specs for the phone are just definitely last--gen. I knew this buying the phone so was not that concerned about it

    Things I don't like:
    - The automatic brightness on the screen isn't great, so we have set it to max
    - The phone doesn't always detect when you have put it up to your face so you may find yourself accidentally putting people on mute often
    - The USB Typer-C port feels a little weak and we have found that only after a week we have to angle the cable as we put it in
    - Only comes with a European power plug. Sorry Europe... but this thing sucks and so does the adapter it came with, falls out of the wall with a gentle breeze, so now I have to buy a new one to suit Australia

  • Ulefone Armor X3 3G Phablet Ulefone Armor X3 3G Phablet

    Item came inside the time window of GB, well packed and protected. It arrived 12 days later, the minimum estimated and best case scenario.
    But i did had to pay the extra fees of insurance and delivery method that guaranteed bypass Border Costumes. Thus insuring that either the item arrives at provided address or you're refunded the item's value, only.
    The phone is bulky and feels very solid, turns on immediately but takes 10-15sec to boot, comes with: usb-charger, usb cable, one costume size tempered glass kit (very much appreciated), manuals and warranties.
    It has environment protective covers/plugs in every I/O: micro usb port, SIM/microSD slot, phone jack.
    Battery lasts a long time but also has to charge for a long time.
    Overall the hardware specs of this model are as solid as the phone itself. The inbuilt feature of an extra programmable button is very helpful for a person that just needs 2 clicks to get they need.

  • Ulefone Armor X2 3G Phablet Ulefone Armor X2 3G Phablet

    в Ригу 2 дня DHLом , но до этого неделю ждали телефон плюс три дня выносили мозг уточняя адрес - хотя из Гонконга DHLом заказываю 3 раз и по практике знаю что адреса из базы они не удаляют , потом отличилась Латвийская таможня багами в системе упрощённой растоможки и на круг вышло 2 недели на то что должно было занять 5 дней , 5* вам ребята только за цену = Али и супер дешёвый дхл = 5€ . Сам дэвайс очень интересный за 90€ для брони самый дешёвый, батарея 6А заряжал через усб тестер , влаго защищен - слоты под рез.пробками, отсутствует 4g , даже разрешение экрана норм хотя по ТТХ оно так себе, брал для друга и про остальное поведать не могу, но об аппарате впечатление хорошее - кому нужен доп. рабочее средство связи можно брать не думая , по вайфаю нэт летает, 3g не пробовал.

  • Ulefone S1 Pro 4G Phablet Ulefone S1 Pro 4G Phablet

    Olá a todos o Ulefone S1, esse de celular tem uma aparência moderna com boa fixação nas mães sua câmera dupla digital e bateria tem boa qualidade, permite que você faça fotos fantásticas tem áudio bom e não é necessário recarregar todo o momento, ainda vem com protetor de tela, capa de proteção, realmente perfeito satisfeito. Eu recomendo a todos.

    Hello everyone, the Ulefone S1, this cell phone has a modern look with good fastening on the mother. Its dual digital camera and battery has good quality, it allows you to make fantastic pictures have good audio and do not need to recharge all the time, still comes with screen protector, protective cover, really perfect satisfied. I recommend it to everyone.

  • Ulefone Armor 6 4G Phablet Alte zone Ulefone Armor 6 4G Phablet Alte zone

    At first, I was very happy when unboxing this smartphone. Almost no blemish, then I took the initiative to test the endurance and hardiness as described, and listed on the official website of the Ulefone. What a perfect smartphone.

    But the excitement changed after I tried to put the smartphone into the water when the music was still on.
    What happened, the sound of instantly faded, shrank, not as loud as usual.
    Therefore I decided to complain (open dispute) because the product did not function as described as it should.
    I mean specifically to the ability of the speaker. I can no longer enjoy great sound when I turn on music or receive notifications and calls.

  • Ulefone Power 3 4G Phablet Ulefone Power 3 4G Phablet

    Totalmente como descrito no site. Sem surpresas, funcionando de acordo com o que aqui fora especificado. O problema que acredito alguns terão, é resolvido de uma forma simples pela Ulefone, tem um aplicativo pré instalado que o leva ao site e lá tem os links da att para o Oreo. Todos os problemas de software aparentes resolvidos com a att... Face e Finger unlock solucionados. Antes de críticas sem embasamento nenhum, devia procurar soluções ... -.-'

  • Ulefone Power 6 4G Phablet 6350mAh baterie Ulefone Power 6 4G Phablet 6350mAh baterie

    Display gut, könnte nur etwas heller sein. Akku ist der Wahnsinn! Leistung für so ziemlich alles ausreichend, nur für die sehr leistungshungrigen Spiele eher nichts, da muss man die Grafikeinstellungen runterfahren. Design ist okay, eben so, wie bei allen anderen 6,3 " Smartphones mit Tropfennotch. Schöne blaue Rückseite!
    Wer es wegen der Kamera kaufen will, sollte sich jedoch etwas anderes kaufen. Die ist für Schnappschüsse ziemlich okay, aber erwartet da nichts a la P30 Pro.

  • Ulefone Armor 5 4G Phablet Ulefone Armor 5 4G Phablet

    I'm quite pleased. One of the shortcomings is slightly modified system software; some menus are less convenient than standard ones, and battery data is completely truncated. (There are no junk applications for this.) Besides, the compass goes crazy. But you can wash this phone with soap and water!

  • Ulefone Armor 2 4G Smartphone Ulefone Armor 2 4G Smartphone

    Óptimo tlm!! Corresponde às expectativas!! Super robusto e muito boa qualidade de ecrã e proteção, já o utilizo há uma semana e estou super satisfeito, nivel de som bom preço muito dentro do razoável para este tipo de equipamento!!

    Se precisa de um tlm para suportar grandes impactos ou choques não há melhor!! É um equipamento de trabalho!!

  • Ulefone S10 Pro 4G Phablet Ulefone S10 Pro 4G Phablet

    I've recently recived my cell phone and it was very good, low price for a great quality, e recomend buying this phone, it arrived very quick and the package protected it very well.
    now that i recived this product, I'm very happy and i'm going to start buying in here, gearbest is the best online shopping I know.

  • Ulefone Armor X 4G Phablet Ulefone Armor X 4G Phablet

    I bought this phone for a friend of mine. They are built like a tank. They are a little heavy but for a phone used while working construction, its great. Great battery life. Can go two days without recharging. I have purchased many Ulefone's for my self and my friends and they make a great phone for the price. Highly recommended.

  • Ulefone Armor 6E 4G Phablet Ulefone Armor 6E 4G Phablet

    Took 3 weeks to arrive..but worth the wait. So I find it to be a good mobile, screen is equal to my old S8 and that's a surprise. Photos and vids not as good as the S8 but once tweaked a bit nearly equal. Fast to browse big screen eye boggling battery life..tough smart and very well built..absolute bargain..highly recommended .

  • Ulefone Armor X3 3G Phablet Ulefone Armor X3 3G Phablet

    Ottimo prodotto Qualità Prezzo ,foto eccellenti a anche in acqua ,il tasto supplementare sulla SX e ottimo utilizzando i guanti a in immersione eccellente resistenza agli urti ,fornito di vetro di protezione ,carica batteria EU ,regalato anche adattatore universale consiglio per chi lavora in ambienti sporchi

  • Ulefone Power 5S 4G Phablet Ulefone Power 5S 4G Phablet

    Es un teléfono muy solvente. Una batería que me dura 4 o 5 veces la de un teléfono normal. Una cámara bastante decente. Un trabajo de diseño que, más que elegante, muestra solidez y consistencia. El teléfono es más rápido que otros al mismo precio.

    Aspecto por mejorar: el número de bandas de frecuencia para captar 4G y 3G son limitadas. Por lo tanto, tengo algunos problemas de conectividad en interiores.

  • Ulefone S8 Pro 4G Smartphone Ulefone S8 Pro 4G Smartphone

    This phone has way better overall quality than the other hpones in the same price range. The built quality is also very good, and you get a 4G phone with perfect language translation, not like other phones having 70% translated by Google translator.

  • Ulefone Power 4G Phablet Ulefone Power 4G Phablet

    I bought two of these phones for friends in Guatemala. They work great. They have long battery life, very good screen. They take great pictures. Everything you want in a phone at a great price. Highly recommended Ulefone makes great phones.

  • Ulefone Armor 3T 4G Phablet Ulefone Armor 3T 4G Phablet

    This Ulefone is a monster. The durable of the battery is amazing. I need only every 3 or 4 days to recharge the phone. And I use the Ulefone a lot over the day. The Walkie Talkie function is nice to have a function. Only the charging process needs a lot of time. But this big battery needs some time.
    The display is very bright. Performance is also ok.

  • Ulefone Armor X3 3G Phablet Ulefone Armor X3 3G Phablet

    polecam wszystkim super telefon komórkowy budowlane wodoodporny wodoszczelność 2 kamery duża pamięć duży LCD bateria duża

  • Ulefone S8 Pro 4G Smartphone Ulefone S8 Pro 4G Smartphone

    I bought this as a gift for my Mother, She absolutely loves it and hardly uses her tablet anymore for internet. Very good value

  • Ulefone Armor 2 4G Smartphone Ulefone Armor 2 4G Smartphone


  • Ulefone Power 3L 4G Phablet Ulefone Power 3L 4G Phablet

    Nagyon,szép és okos készülék,ár/érték arány kiváló!Nagyon-Nagyon,szép és okos készülék,ár/érték arány kiváló!,szép és okos készülék,ár/érték arány kiváló!

  • Ulefone Be Touch 3 4G Phablet Ulefone Be Touch 3 4G Phablet

    I'm very late in writing this review. The phone was great! I used it for about 20 months and gave it to my daughter, which she cracked the screen within 6 weeks.

  • Ulefone Tiger 4G Phablet Ulefone Tiger 4G Phablet

    Meu primeiro smart de fora. Usei muito ate dar pro meu irmao. Hj so uso cel importado da China. Otimo custo bemeficio. Recomendo

  • Ulefone Power 3L 4G Phablet Ulefone Power 3L 4G Phablet

    أشكركم على الخدمة الرائعة التي تقدمونها لزبائنكم منذ 2016 وأنا أتعامل معكم لم أجد أي مشكل ..أقدر مجهودكم ....بالنسبة لهذا الهاتف فهو متوسط المواصفات إلا أنه من ناحية البطارية فقد حل كثير من المشاكل التي كنت أعاني منها ..نعطيه 3 نجوم وشكرا

  • Ulefone Power 6 4G Phablet 6350mAh baterie Ulefone Power 6 4G Phablet 6350mAh baterie

    von der Bestellung bis zur Lieferung alles sehr gut gelaufen. Sendungsverfolgung auch gut und übersichtlich. kam leider noch 58 Euro Zoll und andere Gebühren drauf. Aber für den Preis, immer noch ein spitzen Gerät. Akkuleistung ohne Frage natürlich sehr sehr gut.

  • Ulefone ARMOR 4G Smartphone Ulefone ARMOR 4G Smartphone

    Alles wunderbar, umwerfend, auch unter Wasser.. Aber nach paar monaten gummi hatte sih abgeklebt und jetzt ist nocht mehr wasserdichte

  • ulefone Nota 7 3G Phablet ulefone Nota 7 3G Phablet

    This is a fantastic phone with a fantastic price, with all the necessary things you will need with a phone

  • Ulefone UF002 Qi încărcător standard fără fir rapid Ulefone UF002 Qi încărcător standard fără fir rapid

    No problems, with it. You should buy it but you must use the cable that bring because the other cables doesnt attach the same way

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