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AOLVAPE Sârmă din oțel inoxidabil
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AOLVAPE Sârmă din oțel inoxidabil

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2.0 / 2.5 / 3.0 / 3.5mm
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Caracteristici principale:
● Material: oțel inoxidabil
● 2.0 / 2.5 / 3.0 / 3.5mm


Detalii produs

Tipul de accesorii: Alte
Material: Oţel inoxidabil

Dimensiunea și greutatea

Dimensiunea ambalajului (L x L x Î): 2,00 x 2,00 x 9,00 cm / 0,79 x 0,79 x 3,54 țoli
Greutatea pachetului: 0,0900 kg
Dimensiunea produsului (L x W x H): 0,60 x 0,60 x 7,90 cm / 0,24 x 0,24 x 3,11 țoli
Greutatea produsului: 0,0800 kg

Conținutul pachetului

Conținutul pachetului: 1 x cablu de sârmă, 1 x șurub de cap Philip

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  • scott rinker
    Da (1) Culoare: Silver
    Was a little disappointed at the size of the chopping area as opposed to the vidalia chop wizard I had for years,yesterday was the first time I used it,and the german stainless steel discs are sharp allowing for such rapid work,again I was skeptical about a cleaning brush as opposed to the prongs of the previous chopper,the cleaning is made simple by the snap out ability of both the blades and the pusher for the chopper

    Jul 20,2018

  • Onique Hanson
    Da (0) Culoare: Silver
    Planning and design put into this excellent product are evident at first glance,designed to last for many years of trouble free service,and i'm delighted that in this day and age,a company still cares enough about their customers to provide the very best product available

    Oct 18,2018

  • Ama
    Da (0) Culoare: Silver
    These type of items tend to stick to the smaller blades as well as the top thing that pushes them through,several times i've opened the lid to find the pushing mechanism has pulled loose from the lid because it's stuck to the hot dogs or cheese

    Sep 29,2018

  • Burhan Riaz
    Da (0) Culoare: Silver
    At least the first time you use it,the blades definitely lost some sharpness as opposed to the first time I tried it,still with a little bit a force it does the job,just that you do have to put extra strength after the first use

    Oct 20,2018

  • wdnpdl
    Da (0) Culoare: Silver
    I love that the blades can fit inside the unit rather than have them separate,my last one I had was the same way,i wish the blade size was much larger,but it doesn't make my work any quicker,i think the unit could be made wider

    Jul 14,2018

  • F. Yans
    Da (6) Culoare: Silver
    Thick roll of aluminum take for less than you pay at the big box stores,it can be a bit tricky to get it to separate from the back but atleast as good if not better than what my air conditioning company uses,great stuff

    Sep 26,2018

  • amKyle
    Da (0) Culoare: Silver
    The plastic used in this cutter is alot sturdier than other ones i've had as well and i'm not exactly sure why,with other ones,definitely one of the better ones and makes all the chopping with onions and tomatoes

    Oct 05,2018

  • Kiana Verhoeven
    Da (0) Culoare: Silver
    Same style chopper that finally gave out after many years of use,i hope the brush doesn't get softer over time,i think it is good value for the price,so I know i'll get a lot of use from this new and improved version

    Aug 18,2018

  • Tlomz
    Da (0) Culoare: Silver
    I also meal prep each week after work when i'm tired and have other chores to do,i normally just run it under hot water,this is a great way of producing professionally diced vegetables in a small amount of time

    Sep 24,2018

  • Gisselle H.
    Da (0) Culoare: Silver
    This onion chopper pro vegetable chopper from mueller austria came in all brand new and ready for use,it looks and feels like a high-quality product that will last for quite awhile

    Jul 18,2018

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Fiți PRIMUL care adresează o întrebare. Vreți puncte GB? Scrieți o recenzie!

Fiți PRIMUL care adresează o întrebare. Vreți puncte GB? Scrieți o recenzie!

Fiți PRIMUL care adresează o întrebare. Vreți puncte GB? Scrieți o recenzie!

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