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  • Ilie B.
    Excellent airmouse
    Works flawless, perfect for my Xiaomi MiBox.
    With rechargeable battery, microusb charging port.
    Keys are illuminated, only the side that is up at a time is lit.
    When using keyboard the mouse is deactivated.
    When using the mouse/menu side the ok button is left click. If you press the button to disable mouse then the OK button became "Enter". This is very useful in different apps where the mouse click does not have effect, like Spotify.

    May 24,2018

  • Teo
    Very responsive
    Great product
    I have LG tv Web OS the only problem is that the home button is not recognised as a home button but as a left mouse click. Also the keyboard only works on search menu and not in YouTube app. It's not a problem of the remote but the TV app does not support it.
    Bottom line is that you still need to use genuine remote to be able to navigate through TV menus. I don't know how it works on other TV brands maybe it's like that on LG only

    Mar 20,2019

  • Pc
    Air Mouse e Mini Teclado com Controle Remoto sem Fio - TK668S
    Exelente Produto multifuncional: teclado / controle remoto / air mouse, fácil de atender às diferentes necessidades. O modo de luz de fundo pode facilitar a utilização durante a noite. Usa Tecnologia de transmissão sem fio de 2,4 GHz com uma faixa de operação de 15 m.Com Tecnologia de equilíbrio único, fácil de obter controle preciso . Bateria Recarregável 280mAh bateria Li-ion, 3 meses usando o tempo e tempo de espera de 6 meses. Contém um Design anti-vibração e alta estabilidade sendo Compatível com sistemas Android, Windows, Mac OS, Linux, etc.

    Feb 28,2019

  • Fernando
    TK668S Wireless Remote Control Air Mouse Mini Keyboard
    Backlight - good at night
    good quality for the price
    with battery
    plug and play
    it works with windows, linux, android and smart tv

    Please see my video
    no english manual

    Feb 16,2018

  • Eric Aronov
    TK668S Wireless Remote Control Air Mouse
    - a must have for android box user but is also ok for pc
    - solid construction, plastic material
    - backlight is enough for night use
    - battery seems in good condition and durable
    - airmouse need a bit of train then become natural to use

    Apr 22,2019

  • Bledar Zeqiri
    Good product
    I ordered this for my Mi Box and it is working well. I needed a mouse and a keyboard to use occasionally and this product does what is supposed to do.
    the only thing i notice as a con, is that you cannot use the back button when the mouse is active; you need to disable it first to make it work.
    however this does not create an issue at all.

    Mar 18,2019

  • Montana Mama loves the blues
    This is a really nice remote and a great replacement for the tiny remote that comes with the Nvidia Shield TV, i'm sure it won't be that big of a problem once I'm comfortable with where all the buttons are, follow the easy setup instructions and it'll be working in seconds

    Apr 12,2018

  • Luis Fernando
    El dispositivo funciona muy bien, es cómodo y compacto, Materiales de calidad, Tiene muy buen alcance y funciona con dispositivos como laptop, smartphone, tv box, pc, etc.

    Aug 03,2018

  • Violet Ohl
    My only complaint is there were no instructions included with this so I didn't even know how to put in the batteries !! Luckily someone had posted instructions for a remote with a similar design, model didn't have the same buttons

    Jun 29,2018

  • Jaro
    jakość mierna, słaby plastik. dobrze się klika w klawiaturę, żeby skutecznie używać myszki trzeba niekiedy powyginać rękę. przy podłączeniu nic nie trzeba konfigurować, podłączamy i tyle. minusem tylko jakość wykonania.

    Mar 16,2019