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  • David Tran
    I dicided to look Into por ip cameras for a higher quality in image l, the camera casing quality is sturdy and well made, the setup was easy and came with all the necessary extras to make installation a breeze and the app itself was able to pick up the camera quickly, I will most certainly recommend this product and will soon purchase more units to replace my older cameras

    Jun 25,2018

  • Terry E. Keel
    Great camera - I highly recommend, the cameras have great resolution, great visibility and have a good range of vision at night, cameras are easy to view via any ONVIF camera software and the built in interface accessible via any web browser is simple enough to use for configuration, so you can see how good the cameras are in low-light situations

    Aug 22,2018

  • Bar2K
    This is a great camera for the price, jennov support was very quick to respond and helpful with suggestions, I would recommend this camera to others as it may have been a simple incompatibility with just my system and the image seems great, particularly the night vision which was very sharp and clear

    Aug 06,2018

  • timmer
    The camera was very simple to set up, I us Blue Iris software and it scanned for the camera and found it and auto-configured it, the camera is a good value at the price it is being sold at, the only con for the camera and it is a minor one is the image quality is not quite as sharp as some of my other cameras

    Sep 11,2018

  • Oren
    I was debating between this and a more expensive camera and I'm glad I went with this one, setup was very simple, images are crystal clear both day and night, quick responses and great customer service, this is an excellent camera and worth every penny

    Aug 11,2018

  • Nick Nothom
    The camera has good picture quality, the price is quite competitive, the ease of set up and the software is better than average of this class of products, but I was not able to access the camera in any meaningful way using the browser

    Jul 04,2018

  • Stonej01
    The daytime picture quality is excellent, the nighttime picture quality is better than many, I had to find a much less expensive product, I bought a few different models all around the same price range and this one came out on top

    Aug 20,2018

  • Yusef F.
    Great quality at an affordable price, you can change the video quality or frame rate if you need to save some space, daytime video quality is higher than nighttime but that is expected with the limited number of ir leds

    Sep 25,2018

  • Marvin Washington
    Great image quality for the price, the setup is easy and has plenty of options if you have basic familiarity with basic networking, nice little camera, looking forward to using these for a good bit

    Sep 23,2018

  • Nader
    The quality is good and its an easy setup when using POE, the only challenge is finding a reasonable software that can record video as the built in web app is atrocious

    Oct 06,2018