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  • Suleika Figueroa
    It has quickly become a watch that I will wear everyday, The watch looks very nice and easily compliments my business casual work attire as well as workout clothes for the gym or outdoor sports, The size is perfect for small wrists as it takes up the same space as a regularly sized dress watch for women, Set up was a breeze and the watch is easy to put on, I plan to buy the rose gold version as soon as it is back in stock so I have a different color option to wear with gold jewelry

    Sep 10,2018

  • Lorestream
    Bought this watch because I am hard on wrist watches lots of bangs and scratches etc., I did not want to spend a lot of money because I can break an expensive watch just as quickly as one that is reasonably priced, the numbers are large enough to see without my glasses, I wish they made mechanical watches like they used to but machines can not make those, so they did away with mechanical watches, don't like fruity colors or metal bands

    Dec 10,2018

  • sherry a.
    I'm a man with fairly thick wrists - this watch is exactly the right size for my wrist fyi the band only barely fits - I'm on the second hole, It keeps accurate time and the crystal seems to be reasonably scratch resistant ; I always find myself accidentally scraping against walls in airports etc and so far the watch is completely unscratched

    Sep 02,2018

  • Charles Casterline
    The size of the watch is great if you want a simple everyday watch that isn't flashy, The leather band is a little plasticey feeling and was very stiff at first but has softened with everyday wear, This is not a bad watch and it is functional for everyday use however it is cheap so don't expect luxury quality materials

    Jul 27,2018

  • Kristina K
    The speaker on the watch is fairly loud and the button is very responsive, The screen is plenty bright and I don't have any problems viewing this watch in direct sunlight, The band on this watch feel nice too, I don't have a large wrist and this watch doesn't feel overwhelming too large it's a nice size

    Aug 05,2018

  • Chris Picking
    This watch is very stylish and a very good value, I bought it to replace an old Seiko watch with very similar style when it finally died and would have cost more to repair than it was worth, It has a very secure clasp, much better than my old Seiko that would occasionally fall off my wrist

    Oct 08,2018

  • lilyredrose
    I bought this same exact watch last year, The leather strap is very good quality and I love the gold toned face, stylish and functional watch for any purpose, The only thing I wish is that they had the same design with a larger face since that's very trendy at the moment, a perfect watch

    Dec 14,2018

  • Henry H.
    I like it because the numbers are easy to read, I buy a new watch because by this time the leather band is also worn out I can't wear a stainless steel band because of allergies and it costs about the same as replacing them, I prefer this watch to the more expensive watches I own

    Aug 15,2018

  • brook lotze
    Had a hard time finding a watch that wasn't enormous -- or wasn't so small it was hard to read, This watch is the perfect size I did have to have some links removed, but the perfect size in terms of how much of my wrist the face covers ; the rounded part is about the size of a quarter

    Nov 15,2018

  • DJ_Shopper
    Easy to read numbers, My only complaint is that it is difficult to set the date, the cheapest watch is just as accurate as one that costs hundreds or thousands of dollars, I would rather pay more for items that a higher price might make a difference in quality like cars

    Sep 11,2018