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  • Or1s
    Отличный разветвитель
    Присоединяюсь к положительным отзывам. Отличный разветвитель. Простой и надежный ибо выходить из строя просто нечему.

    На удивление прилично отлит и собран - ничего не шатается, пластик приятный. Уши на наушники и микрофон разнесены на большое расстояние так что друг другу разные провода не мешают даже если джек на устройстве будет толстый.

    Из странностей прорезь в колпачке на джек для ремешка - не так плотно он сидит чтобы за него носить + на нем же пара мелких стрелочек обозначающий направление вращения, при том что резьбы там нет и снимается он просто выдергиванием.

    Sep 29,2018

  • Sergey
    Headset Aux Stereo U Splitter Kit - BLACK
    angl: A good adapter for a combined headphone / microphone connector in laptops and computers. This adapter is good in that it allows you to connect to itself thick plugs. I recommend!
    рус: Хороший переходник для комбинированного разъёма наушники/микрофон в ноутбуках и компьютерах. Этот переходник хорош тем, что позволяет подключать к себе толстые штекеры. Рекомендую!

    May 28,2018

  • Nicolás
    A fully functional adapter for all your needs.
    I got this little thing because I wanted to connect a microphone to my phone, and I needed an adapter. This little thing did the job just fine.

    It has a good size, you can fit it almost everywhere.

    It feels sturdy, and the material is good.

    The female connectors are really sturdy, you feel it do a "tick-ish" sound when you connect something.
    The Jack male connector isn't as sturdy as I throught it was, but it hasn't failed and it works good.

    Jul 25,2018

  • Celso
    Produto razoável, porém
    Teoricamente cumpriria uma boa função, ampliando as possibilidades de uso de alguns dispositivos que possuem apenas uma saída de áudio. Contudo, não consegui utilizar a função do microfone na minha unidade.
    Contudo, não consegui utilizar a função do microfone na minha unidade. Além disso, a qualidade do plástico utilizada é bem baixa, apresentando fragilidade e possibilitando uma durabilidade baixa

    Jun 24,2018


    Thank you for choosing Gearbest.
    We are regretful that you are not satisfied with the item.
    This item is made of ABS.
    You are welcome to contact us through this link: Our customer service will offer solutions to your issue according to our warranty policy: 

    Best Regards,

    Jun 25,2018

  • Wail
    It's working?!
    I received the product to Morocco after quite some time (roughly about 40days). I used it for few days before noticing that the headphone jack is not fixed in it's proper place, it's moving in and out which is annoying really because I can't plug in my headphones all the way in. But it still works none the less.
    Hope you have a better luck with the product :)

    Nov 16,2018

  • Frankie
    Quality product
    If you have a gaming headset for PC with earphone and mic inputs, this is perfect for combining it and using it on an Xbox controller.

    Well priced and good quality in various colours.

    Based on build quality It looks like this product will last you a good few years vs one that has a cable, which would eventually break due to game controller movement.

    Jan 23,2019

  • Tiago Silva
    Um adaptador prefeito para o que precisava.
    Precisava de um adaptador para dividir a entrada do PC para ligar headphones e micro ao mesmo tempo e encontrei este produto.
    É pequeno mas ideal para conectar onde mais preciso.
    Materialmente é forte e resistente, tanto a parte em PVC como a parte dos conectores.
    Sim, recomendaria a amigos.
    Não tem.

    Aug 06,2018

  • Aleksandar
    Microphone adapter
    It is a great product! I connected it to my phone and microphone to it, i like it a lot! I will use it to record audio to videos. My friend ordered some things, it lefted some money he told me to order anything that i want. I am thanking im very much for it! Thanks Stefan. My good friend!

    Apr 23,2019

  • The Jako's
    Non pienamente soddisfatto.
    Ho scelto di utiluzzare questo prododotto per sdoppuare il Jeck del mio cellulare per utiluzzare cuffie e microfono assieme. il fatto è che non ostante il jack sia placcato in oro, non funziona. ovvero. se funziona la parte per le cuffie, non funziona quella del microfono e viceversa. non sono pienamente soddisfatto, ma per 0.90$ ci può stare che non funzioni del tutto.
    questo sdoppia jack non è fatto male. ha il jack placcato in oro e il materiale di costruzione è molto plasticoso ma non sembra mal fatto. non lo consiglierei volentieri perchè non funziona al 100% . entrami quelli che ho acquistato. non mi hanno soddisfatto pienamente!

    Jul 22,2018

  • Aleksey
    Headset Aux Stereo U Splitter Kit - BLACK
    1. A good product. Everything is working.
    2. Excellent quality.
    3. No problems were found.
    4. I recommend buying it.
    Thank you.

    Sep 17,2018