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  • Blazej Farkas
    Da (0) Culoare: Black
    Very good quality headphones for the price
    Packing for that price (36,60 €, discount GB points) surprising, well packed.In the box you will find instructions, headphones themselves, case with the battery integrated, sports attachments, textile case and USB charging cable.What surprised me is that it does not have a Micro USB connector, but USB-C, which is a big plus to me since I have a USB-C phone. Pairing completely simple - you grab them from the case, headphones will automatically go to pairing mode. You just need to pair it with left one. As soon as you remove the second handset from the case, it will connect to the first one - takes about 5s.Purity of the sound is surprising, I am satisfied with the sound. But, since they are not in-ear headphones (which I didn't want), don't expect any bass from the box. The sound is improved right after the equalizer is adjusted.Controls - buttons on right and left handset. For example, if you press the button on the right handset twice, it goes to the next song. If 3x, the volume increases. If you press left twice, the song will go back by one. If 3x, the volume goes down.They are holding in my ear without problems.

    Apr 11,2019