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Modul de senzori 37-în-1
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Modul de senzori 37-în-1

- Negru Fără cutie de depozitare

pentru Arduino
4.87 45 Recenzii de la clienți | Please refer to English description
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Caracteristici principale
Modul de senzori 37-în-1
1 x modul buzzer activ
1 x modul pasiv buzzer
1 x modul catodic RED verde LED
1 x Modul LED cu catod comun de două culori
1 x modul de senzor de batere
1 x modul senzor comutator de soc
1 x modul senzor rezistor fotografie
1 x Modul push button
1 x modul de comutare înclinare
1 modul RGB LED
1 x modul de transmitere în infraroșu
1 x modul RGB colorat LED
1 x modul senzor de comutare Hydrargyrum
1 x modul flash colorat
1 x modul de senzor cu inel magnetic
1 x modul senzor Hall
1 x modul senzor de recepție în infraroșu
1 x Modul senzor de hală analogic
1 x modul magnetic inel
1 x Rotiți modulul de codare
1 x modul senzor de pauză de lumină
1 x modul de senzor de pulsare a degetului
1 x modul magnetic cu arc
1 x modul senzor de evitare a obstacolelor
1 x Modul senzor de urmărire
1 modul de senzor pentru microfon
1 x modul de transmitere laser
1 x modul releu
1 x Modul senzor de temperatură analogic
Modul senzor de temperatură 1 x 18b20
1 x modul senzor digital de temperatură
1 x modul senzor liniar pentru hol
1 x modul senzor de flacără
1 x Modul de senzor de voce foarte sensibil
1 x modul senzor de umiditate
1 modul Joystick PS2
1 modul senzor tactil
● Material: ABS


Dimensiuni și greutate

Greutatea produsului: 0,0900 kg
Greutatea pachetului: 0,1000 kg

Conținutul pachetului

Conținutul pachetului: 1 x kit de module de senzori

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Recenzii de la clienți

4.87 out of 5
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  • Luis Perez
    Da (0) Culoare: Black Dimensiune: Without Storage Box
    It was the perfect starter kit, not too big to be overwhelming with too many parts and projects, a couple of months later I bought a bigger kit, without having started with the smaller kit, the junior kit easily and quickly gets younger children ready to use the bigger ones, this I didn't know until I was looking for another kit last week, the girls must have broken the connection to the lights on the fan blade in the junior kit - they liked stopping it when it was moving

    Nov 30,2018

  • Eric aka SouthernSorrow
    Da (0) Culoare: Black Dimensiune: Without Storage Box
    My whole family loves this toy, it's my favorite `` kit'' toy ever, my son and I have had lots of fun assembling the different projects and along the way learning about electronics, yet it was THIS kit that told me what a semi-conductor really is, it's a great toy for the future engineer in your house, my son really enjoyed it - only he wanted to make his own circuits, and you can't really do that so much - you have to follow the instructions to make sure it all works

    Nov 09,2018

  • Box of bits
    Da (0) Culoare: Black Dimensiune: With Storage Box
    This box of bits!
    A large box of assorted sensors, that cover almost the entire range of Arduino sensor needs. For a whole host of projects. Each one individually placed in compartments with identifying labels in the lid. Matching pictures on the inside lid helps identify the correct sensor for whatever’s the project.
    Speedily sent and not overly packaged! I prefer less packaging to more unless it’s a high value easily damaged item. So this was perfect!

    Apr 24,2019

  • Jennifer Caldwell
    Da (0) Culoare: Black Dimensiune: Without Storage Box
    This is a great science kit for young kids, and it is important for me to instill this in my kids from a young age, this is a great kit to get started, it is for very young kids - preschoolers and kindergartners - but my older children did it and enjoyed it too, it's a great way to introduce them to science, you can then reuse some of the equipment for other experiments such as the hand magnifier, I was very happy with the quality

    Nov 15,2018

  • Raymond Nguyen
    Da (0) Culoare: Black Dimensiune: Without Storage Box
    At first he just looked at it not knowing what to expect ... then when his dad and he started to do the first projects in the kit ... both dad and son soon became a working team on discovering the fascination of electronic projects in this kit, I glad that this company has many `` upgrades'' to this kit ... and will be purchasing these as they finish the original projects in this first kit ... Great toy for both parents and children

    Nov 26,2018

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Fiți PRIMUL care adresează o întrebare. Vreți puncte GB? Scrieți o recenzie!

Fiți PRIMUL care adresează o întrebare. Vreți puncte GB? Scrieți o recenzie!

Fiți PRIMUL care adresează o întrebare. Vreți puncte GB? Scrieți o recenzie!

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