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  • sean
    great speaker
    great for listening to music In any room of the house including the basement and garage. or anywhere you have a light socket to fit regular size light bulbs. you can bring your music into any room of the house. listen from your phone, tablet or Amy device with Bluetooth capabilities. and it sounds great . good bass. and just overall great sound. and it changes colors with the beat of your music. it even has a remote control to change songs or colors of the bulb. you don't need to charge it since the power that you get from.the outlet its plugged into gives it all the power it needs to operate. no wires at all for connection. its completely wireless. and always connects when the light gets turned on and your bulb will make a sound to let you know its ready for connection to your Bluetooth enabled device. no need for bulky stereo sound system or giant speakers. this bulb will play any sound that emanates from your device.
    not too much to think of

    Oct 11,2016

  • F. R.
    Makes life more convenient.
    Feel a little luxory in your room! It is very space-saving and does not need any extra wires. Very convenient to turn on/off lamp with remote control. Also, you can set the light intensity and the color remotely! You can easily send music to your lamp from your phone. Easy to listen music without any extra speakers electric plugs and wires. I also use it to watch movies louder with my laptop (lamp is paired with my notebook as bluetooth speaker). The lamp is good for all night. I just reduce the light and switch some color before I fall asleep. Blue light is for warm summer nights and red is for cold winter nights. I also use this lamp to play background music in my garden parties. Just screwit it in to an E27 socket outdoor and the "music centre" is ready! No heavy speakers, no wires.
    a bit bigger then I expected, but no problem with that.

    Jul 04,2016

  • Damiao Soares
    RC LED Bulb Light Bluetooth 3.0 Speaker
    Lamp very powerful in terms of sound, good size, excellent LEDs, very crystalline sound, powerful and with good bass for the price of the bulb, excellent article, nicely replaces a small bluetooth speaker. Lampada muito poderosa em termos de som, de bom tamanho, excelentes Leds, som muito cristalino, poderoso e com bons graves para o preço da lampada, excelente artigo, substitui muito bem uma coluna pequena bluetooth.
    It could pair with the Smartphone in a faster way, only that, otherwise it is perfect. Podia emparelhar com o Smartphone de uma forma mais rápida, só isso, de resto é perfeita.

    May 04,2017

  •   Alexander
    Cool thing!
    A very useful and pleasant combination of light and music for the moderate price! It doesn't need a special skill to pair a bulb with a smartphone or a tablet. A bulb has a rich variety of different colors and hues and the quality of sound is good with noticeable presence of mid lows. I guess it would be nice to use it for outdoor patio and places where it's difficult to install acoustics. And by the way, it brings some fun into our life!
    Nothing to be disappointed with.

    Nov 04,2015

  • JoGeo
    An excellent vfm led bulb
    It has many functions as these you see in the expensive led bulbs. The white light is bright enough for an average user. Lot of multi colors Remote control works fine I found a universal remote control that works too as I programmed it to this led bulb.
    I can't find an android app to control it via my smartphone

    Jul 28,2016

  • Reviewer
    Its my first smart bulb, and it actually surprised me how bright it is and how it works. Speaker is loud, and i can listen music while showering (probably even my neighbors)! All the colors work good, and they are not so powerful as white light. Range is as declared around 10m even through wall.

    Feb 22,2019

  • Mykhaylo
    RC LED Bulb Light Bluetooth 3.0 Speaker
    Лампа колонка отлично работает как звук очень громкий и такой маленький динамик отлично выдает звуковую частоту огромный плюс для такого малыша Световая гамма достаточно насыщена разными цветами хорошая яркость свечения белого цвета Блютус подключается к любым устройствам очень быстро Благодарность продавцу за проделанную работу

    Feb 08,2017

  • Михаил
    лампочка с динамиком
    Отличная вещь, с пользой и для приколов. Лампа светит ярко, жаль что изначально цвет только "холодный" однако можно слегка подкрасить жёлтым. Динамик орет нереально громко для небольшой комнаты, звук не хай-фай, но чистый, без хрипов и искажений В общем товар годный, продавец надёжный, доставка быстрая, к покупке рекомендую.

    Nov 10,2018

  • Jim
    RC LED Bulb Light Bluetooth 3.0 Speaker Review
    pretty easy to use, easy to move or travel with, puts out lots of colors and in white is fairly bright. I use it in my backyard parties and it is plenty load to hear clearly and still talk to company.
    slight hollow sound since its in plastic housing with no insulation. If your good with your hands you can take apart and glue thin foam to inner wall for better sound. wish they did it from factory... but over all still good easy to use product.

    Feb 22,2016

  • Periklis
    Nice, cool gadget. It is 2 in 1 so you save space. Light is cool, romantic. Bluetooth works flawless. Sound quality is ok: loud and clear but nothing special really.
    Light but not very bright. White color is ok but other colors rather dark. Quality is nothing special

    Jan 02,2018