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  • Aldo Filosa (Mr. Edo DJ)
    Da (1) Culoare: Black Dimensiune: EU Plug
    Caricabatterie Nitecore D4
    Salve a tutti miei cari amici di GearBest....Ho acquistato questo Caricabatterie Nitecore D4 principalmente per poter ricaricare le batterie mod.26650 della mia Torcia a led Convoy L6, ma visto la sua Eccezionale versatilità, ormai lo sto utilizzando anche per tutti gli altri modelli di batterie.Infatti questo Nitecore D4 é un caricabatterie digitale universale intelligente completamente automatico tra i più avanzati che io ho usato fino ad ora, poiché praticamente é compatibile con tutte le batterie ricaricabili di forma cilindrica in commercio.Può ricaricare CONTEMPORANEAMENTE anche diverse tipologie di batterie tra cui IMR / Li-Ion / LifeP04 10440 14500 16340 17500 17670 18350 18490 18650 22650 26650 RCR123 Ni-MH / Ni-Cd AA AAA AAAA C e quindi vi verrà praticamente eliminata la necessità di dover possedere diversi caricabatterie perché con uno solo potrete ricaricarle tutte grazie anche alla grande Facilità d’inserimento ed alla semplicità di monitoraggio e caricamento.Questo Nitecore D4 riesce a fare tutto ciò grazie hai suoi avanzati circuiti interni gestiti da un Microcomputer intelligente che quando inserite le batterie andrà autonomamente a selezionare il metodo di caricamento ottimale (CC - CV e dV/dt) per una data batteria e per ognuno dei quattro Slot di caricamento monitorando e caricando le batterie in modo indipendente l’una dall’altra.Inoltre il Nitecore D4 possiede uno schermo digitale LCD integrato che mostra chiaramente e separatamente sia lo stato del caricamento, il voltaggio, la corrente ed il tempo di ricarica trascorso, mentre una funzione di spegnimento automatico del Microcomputer intelligente andrà ad interrompere la corrente quando il caricamento di ogni singola batteria viene completato.Su un lato del Nitecore D4 sono presenti inoltre due Tasti che permettono una facile selezione di specifici parametri di caricamento e tipi di batteria, infatti, proprio grazie al tasto “Mode” é possibile attivare una funzione di ricarica che personalmente mi é piaciuta moltissimo, ovvero la funzione “Low Current Charging” che riduce la potenza di carica dagli standard 750mAh ai 300mAh per una carica più lenta adatta ad alcuni tipi di batterie come ad esempio le 10440, le 16340 e le AA.Conclusioni Finali:Io personalmente sto già utilizzando questo Nitecore D4 da diverso tempo e per tutti i miei modelli di batterie, e posso dire che mi ci sto trovando Veramente Benissimo, tanto da non utilizzare ormai quasi più i miei altri vecchi caricabatterie.Quindi, per tutte quelle persone che vogliono un Caricabatterie TUTTO FARE e con un Ottimo rapporto qualità/prezzo, io Vi consiglio Molto Vivamente di acquistare questo Nitecore D4 e son sicuro che ne rimarrete Entusiasti come ne sono rimasto io.

    Apr 23,2019

  • Piotr
    Da (1) Culoare: Black Dimensiune: EU Plug
    Pretty good charger
    I bought this one to charge Li-Ion batteries for flashlight and to have decent replacement for my current charger for Ni-MH batteries. Pros: + It can charge up to 4 different batteries + type of battery is automatically detected (except for Li-Po, which have to be selected manually) + charging parameters are set automatically - just insert batteries and wait for end result + display is useful, but nothing special about it (backlight could be disabled) + no separate power supply, only power cord has to be conected to device + optional 12V power + solid built Cons: - It gets HOT on back side, no matter which batteries are charged (probably due to power supply included in the case), so it's clear why it's advertised as flameproof... (at least no smell of burned plastic so far) - not the fastest charger - only 375mA max (per 1 battery) when four batteries are charged - I've got one strange situation with my black Eneloops, charger have had hard times to start charging process - it looked like it couldn't detect proper type of battery, but eventually it started to work normally - having so many supported battery sizes means, that AAA batteries are held just barely and have to be placed "manually" with some precise - no fancy options (eg. discharging, measure of battery capacity) Otherwise it looks like a good charger, it charged successfully all of my batteries.

    Nov 11,2018

  • Karsten
    Da (0) Culoare: Black Dimensiune: EU Plug
    Nitecore D4 Smart charger
    - Overall Build Quality is good. Seems like a sturdy device - Batterie detection is flawless so far I tried : NiMh, NiCd, Lion 18650 - Automatic charging stop works fine - Screen is very nice good readability, only the viewing angle is not so good but hey its a charger not a smartphone so its not rly a con - Price: I bought this for roughly 25 bucks. At that price point u cant complain - Genuine Product: The one i received was genuine, you can check that online ( There are counterfeits out there but mine is the real deal) -CE (Conformitee Europeen) certified - Charges with 750 mA or 375 with two batteries (you can select that) , with 4 batteries only 375mA possible -Detects if batteries is inserted with wrong polarity -Charges all batterie types ( some fat batteries may not fit in there)
    - LiFePo Batteries cant be autodetected, they will be detected as LiIon and you have to manually switch to LiFePo , but i already knew this before i bought this so idc - I really dont see any more cons, for that price you cant rly get more.

    Jun 19,2016

  • Agostinho
    Da (0) Culoare: Black Dimensiune: EU Plug
    Fiquei Desiludido com a Baixa intensidade de corrente
    Este carregador permite carregar de forma Individual até 4 Pilhas de níquel-hidreto metálico, níquel cádmio, Fosfato de lítio e ferro ou de Lítio. Ao introduzir duas Pilhas, a intensidade de corrente é de 750 mA , mas ao inserir 3 ou mais Pilhas , a intensidade de corrente Baixa para 375 mA. Ao pressionar o Botão "Mode" é possível alterar para o modo "Low" em que carrega Pilhas AAA a 150 mA e AA a 300 mA. O carregador aquece durante o carregamento e uma das desvantagens é ter que ajustar manualmente as Pilhas mais pequenas. As informações Disponíveis são: o estado do carregamento através de “Barras” em que cada barra corresponde a 20% de carga, informa a Intensidade de corrente, tensão, duração do carregamento e a química da bateria detetada, assim como o tipo de carregamento (Tensão constante, intensidade de corrente constante e modo Low). Não informa a quantidade de mA carregados nem a resistência interna.

    Dec 20,2018

  • Jānis Baumanis
    Da (0) Culoare: Black Dimensiune: EU Plug
    Excelent battery charger with plenty of possibilities
    Nitecore D4 charger seems one of best ones currently available in market. Easy to use, is able to charge almost all types of rechargeable cylindrical batteries, has plenty of charging options and all of this by affordable price. Received charger is genuine item and has successfully validated in Nitecore validation page. The pros are: - Automatic detection of battery type. - Possibility to set charging mode manually. - Easy to insert and remove the batteries. - Charging status indication is easy to understand. - Can be powered from AC 220/110V or DC 12V/1A which give the possibility to charge batteries both at home and on field (in car etc.) - Very good build quality. - Silent.
    None so far.

    Jun 14,2016

  • Nixontkl
    Da (0) Culoare: Black Dimensiune: EU Plug
    Simple charge most type of battery charger
    The nitecore D4 charger is simply a smart charger that charge your normal house remote rechargeable AA n AAA battery and yet also charge your 18650, 16340, 14500 battery for powerful LED torchlight.a simple no fuzz charger, just pop the battery in and under 5sec it knows what battery you just put in and begin to charge automatically. except for LiFePo4 which you need to manually select. But heck most of us just want to charge our Ni-MH and Li-Ion with 1 charger. Charge speed is not fast on this charger, 4 battery at once the charge current is only 375mAh, 2 battery you get higher current of 750mAh. So typically this charger can full charge 4 battery of any type over night. Only con is that the charger dont have a discharge or refresh function to help condition older battery. All else this is a bang fo buck charger to have at home.

    Nov 06,2018

  • Supermyk1
    Da (0) Culoare: Black Dimensiune: EU Plug
    Nitecore D4
    High quality materials are being use to produce this charger. Very simple in design, just plug in any battery types - Li-ion, NiCad, and NiMh in most common sizes from AAA to 18650 use in a household. Anyone can use this charger. You can cycle through each individual slot by pressing the Slot button, even viewing each battery input Voltage, charging duration, remaining capacity, and charging status by pressing the mode button. Lower capacity or LiPo can be manually change by pressing on the mode button. Bad battery can be identified using this charger. It will display as ERR, hence this function can help you to ensure your batteries are in tip top condition, especially in an emergency situation. Input AC 100-240V, so you only need select the right adapter, US/UK.
    The night mode is just an extra, nothing fancy,. It just turned off the white LED. The monochrome mode wasn't clear, but it's not a big deal. Charging input reduced by half when you have a full slot. It could be a better product if it has an option to charge at normal or in high speed mode. Or maybe a tone/chime when a charge is completed.

    Oct 07,2014

  • Pavel
    Da (0) Culoare: Black Dimensiune: EU Plug
    Nitecore D4
    Хорошая зарядка. Проверку оригинальности на сайте прошла! Есть возможность зарядки пониженным током чтобы восстановить аккумуляторы. Информативный дисплей, показывает статус заряда, напряжение батареи, ток зарядки, всевозможные режимы зарядки. Очень простая в эксплуатации, в двух кнопках даже ребенок не запутается) Что очень важно для меня нет громоздкого блока питания, а обычный кабель, который не перекрывает соседний разъем в удлинителе. Рекомендую не разработанные пазы смазать ватной палочкой с маслом для швейных машин, или для электробритв. Если в наличии нет масла, подойдет вазелин:) Тогда ваша зарядка прослужит вам очень долго, без всяких неприятностей типа заедающий дорожек))

    Jul 05,2016

  • joao tiago
    Da (0) Culoare: Black Dimensiune: EU Plug
    nitecore D4
    Its beautiful to see exactly what the charging current is in real time, while voltage is displayed as well as how long its been charging. Pretty Much the only charger you need. There are 2 Buttons on the side to control a few things. The "slot" button switches the LCD to different slots so you can hop from charging batteries to see there state of Charge, Volts, and Time on charger. Same button also dimms the LCD brightness if you find it annoying. The other button is a switch for LiFeP04 Batts or AA/AAAs to lower the Current going Thru it.... Supper simple.. Great all around. I really liked my i2 Nitecore, but this thing blows it out of the water for sure.

    Jul 31,2016

  • Андрей
    Da (0) Culoare: Black Dimensiune: EU Plug
    Превосходное зарядное устройство!
    Превосходное зарядное устройство за свои деньги! Премиальное качество материалов и сборки. Невысокая стоимость. Простота и удобство использования. Европейская вилка и отсутствие внешнего блока питания. Отсутствие шума при работе. Возможность контроля напряжения, тока и времени зарядки по каждому слоту отдельно. Возможность заряжать разные типы аккумуляторов одновременно. Возможность ограничения тока зарядки вручную. Идеально для работы с аккумуляторами типоразмеров "AA" и "18650"
    Нет функции тестирования аккумуляторов. Не очень удобно устанавливать аккумуляторы маленьких размеров на пример "10440" и "AAA".

    Feb 22,2018