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DIY Fox Fur Ball Nail Sticker Nunti Sfat Art Decoruri
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DIY Fox Fur Ball Nail Sticker Nunti Sfat Art Decoruri

- Portocaliu rosu

4.68 63 Recenzii de la clienți | Please refer to English description
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DIY Nail Sticker Descrieri

Unic Fox Fur Ball Nail Sticker Moda Decoratiuni Decoratiuni de Craciun

Caracteristici principale:
Material special pentru blană de vulpe, acesta va fi un ochi-prinderea unghiilor art decors
•It can make your nail looks different every day
•Trim, clean the nails and paint your nails with the colorful nail tip art decoration
•Easy to stick and use
•16 colors optional



Material: Blană

Detalii produs

Sezon: Toate sezoanele
Ocazie: Zilnic,Vacanţă,Parte
cerere: Unghie deget

Dimensiunea și greutatea

Greutatea produsului: 0,0080 kg
Greutatea pachetului: 0,0350 kg
Dimensiunea produsului (L x W x H): 1,50 x 3,00 x 3,00 cm / 0,59 x 1,18 x 1,18 țoli
Dimensiunea ambalajului (L x L x Î): 3,00 x 5,00 x 5,00 cm / 1,18 x 1,97 x 1,97 țoli

Conținutul pachetului

Conținutul pachetului: 1 x autocolant

DIY Fox Fur Ball Nail Sticker Nunti Sfat Art Decoruri- Portocaliu rosu

DIY Fox Fur Ball Nail Sticker Nunti Sfat Art Decoruri- Portocaliu rosu

DIY Fox Fur Ball Nail Sticker Nunti Sfat Art Decoruri- Portocaliu rosu

DIY Fox Fur Ball Nail Sticker Nunti Sfat Art Decoruri- Portocaliu rosu

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Recenzii de la clienți

4.68 out of 5
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  • eugene draper
    I have so many good things to say that I don't know where to begin,all three stampers are clear so you can easily see through them for accurate image placement,the different sizes and shapes of the stampers is what makes this set so versatile,it does not have a long handle so you can see your nail very closely,this stamper is best for picking up small images or for use on smaller nails,i did not use true stamping polish to stamp,got the same results as if I had used actual stamping polish,another solid product from born pretty

    Sep 13,2017

  • Gary MItchell
    I'm a professional nail tech but rarely do nail stamping,you have bad quality plates,stamping definitely isn't easy but i'm totally loving it now and even more so with these awesome born pretty transparent stampers !! the stampers are perfect for any size nail,they have just the right stickiness and the best part is they have caps !! I store my other stampers in zip lock bags and it's annoying

    Aug 05,2016

  • Abby Maness
    I love the various sized tips and thicknesses of the brushes ...,i put a neutral color base coat on,i have thin strips of tape ready to make stripes,i can also do the same thing with my toes,make sure to clean your brushes and tools well when finished so they wont get ruined,thank you for making these pretty and very nicely made brushes available to take my `` me time'' to a new level !!

    Aug 18,2018

  • patrick hayes
    They're sometimes too `` slippery'' at first and need to be ever so slightly buffed down to get it to pick up the polish better but it definitely depends on the plate/polish as well,watch out for using acetone near them as it melts the clear plastic and fogs it up !! the scrapers are basically useless and I just use the konad scraper for everything anyway

    Sep 14,2016

  • Dimitry Colatrella
    You dont prime or the polish will not stick,the brushes' bristles are good,each brush comes with a small plastic cover to protect the bristles,i am using only one brush to clean up stray polish on my cuticles and fingers,a few of the other brushes look quite useful for making flower designs on my nails

    Aug 01,2016

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