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  • Vily
    Da (2) Culoare: White Dimensiune: Blue Switch
    My best keyboard
    I am very happy to say that i received today this keyboard that i ordered in 25 december last year, and in 3 weeks it was on my door. I don t have anything bad to say, all just good. I guess it s my best keyboard, most beautifull for sure. I have many keyboards as i am a pc hardware, peripherals lover, but definetly this is my best one. The price is very good, the shipping was so fast, and the product is awesome. The lights game and the feeling of this oushing these mechanical buttons and the sound it make, is just awseome. Everything is great and beautiful at this gaming keyboard.I love it. Thank you gearbest.

    Jan 18,2019

  • jose carlos
    Da (0) Culoare: White Dimensiune: Blue Switch
    Teclado mecanico Motospeed K87S
    El Teclado mecanico Motospeed K87S es un teclado de buena calidad, tiene una calidad precio excelente, en mi caso los switch son outemu blue y tienen un tacto muy bueno tanto para escribir como para jugar, los efectos de iluminación RGB de este teclado son lo mejor que he visto en este tipo de teclados, lo recomiendo para cualquiera que busque un teclado mecánico con iluminación RGB,
    solo esta en ingles no esta en español, pero tampoco es mucho problema solo tienes que poner el idioma del teclado en estados unidos internacional y ya solo pulsar FN + n para poner la ñ

    Jun 10,2017

  • Shk33
    Da (0) Culoare: White Dimensiune: Blue Switch
    Best led lights ever
    The keyboard is amazing, the backlight lights are so bright, better than any Corsair, Cooler Master, Gamdias Keyboards that I've already owned.

    The blue switches feel really good and consistent all the way.
    The lighting effects are really good, specially rainbow and ripple effect.

    The translucent bottom shows off
    I wish the bottow would not be plastic

    Mar 20,2018

  • Evgeni Panasyuk
    Da (0) Culoare: White Dimensiune: Blue Switch
    Motospeed K87S Механическая клавиатура
    + как не странно - Механическая клавиатура
    + отличное качество материалов.
    + красивая и удобная подсветка
    + к клавиатуре не пришлось привыкать. через день забыл какой пользовался до этого!
    + Есть резиновые ножки на выдвижных ножках!
    + красивый шрифт на кейкапах и несмещенные F-ки
    + много функций Мультимедиа!
    - маленький Enter.
    - пожалуй на этом минусы заканчиваются)

    Jun 15,2017

  • Nebula
    Da (0) Culoare: White Dimensiune: Blue Switch
    Really good.
    The keyboard is really good. It feels nice, looks really good and overall I would highly recommend it. But when I opened the package I noticed that the plastic at the bottom of the keyboard had scratches all over, where the LED lights are. But I would still get it if you are looking for a good quality keyboard. That's not to expensive.

    Sep 29,2018

  • Guy
    Da (0) Culoare: White Dimensiune: Blue Switch
    Very good
    I got this keyboard one day early and it types very well, the lighting and all of the different modes are also very good. there are so many different options for the lighting and the switches are really nice. when you press the keys it gives you a really good grip and feel to the keys. overall, its just a really great keyboard.

    Feb 14,2019

  • Artemy Rodionow
    Da (0) Culoare: White Dimensiune: Red Switch
    Прекрасная клавиатура за прекрасные деньги
    1. Яркая RGB подсветка
    2. Неплохие свитчи Outemu Red/Blue (Red, в моём случае). Отличная замена Cherry MX
    3. Конструкция Skeleton, выглядит просто бомбезно
    4. Цена в 2800 рублей - очень низкая цена для этой клавиатуры
    1. Не очень доверяю пластику снизу, выглядит красиво, но не очень надёжно.
    2. Достаточно долгая задержка в отправлении заказа (Заказал 8 февраля, отправили только 27. Пришла 13 марта.)

    Mar 16,2018

    Da (0) Culoare: White Dimensiune: Blue Switch
    Motospeed K87S NKRO Mechanical Keyboard - WHITE BLUE SWITCH
    O teclado é muito bom e por sua qualidade acho que não está tão caro, sobre o teclado é ótimo, lindo, ergoomico, apenas um pequeno contra é não ter o Ç do português, mas enfim adorei é um teclado único compacto, com boa ergonomia para todas as atividades desde trabalho até para games além de deixar o setup bem mais atrativo e não vamos esquecer que tem a qualidade da motospeed.

    Sep 16,2018

  • ikenkevin
    Da (4) Culoare: White Dimensiune: Blue Switch
    Motospeed K87s back for buck
    -TKL for Gaming
    -Good for typing
    -White keycaps plus amazing led lights is a run away winner for this
    -Led lights on its side is new to market
    -Price is insanely cheap
    -Oetemu blue switch for that tactile and clicky sound
    -No option for other keys like brown or red.

    Mar 22,2017

  • Casey Sewbaran
    Da (0) Culoare: White Dimensiune: Blue Switch
    MotoSpeed K87S
    The keyboard is very small and portable
    Has a nice weight
    Many different colors and modes
    Pleasing to the eye
    Nice sound when typing
    Minor scratches on bottom LED bar no other issues and product still works amazing

    Jun 22,2017