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  • Alexxx
    Вполне нормальный продукт
    Пульт большой, увесистый, с большими удобными кнопками и богатым функционалом. Приятно держится в руке. Имеется достаточное количество функций а нажатие на кнопки очень четкое и фиксированное. Однако при выборе этого девайса необходимо учитывать что полный функционал реализован только на приставках Minix. Если у вас другой тв бокс то красная кнопка (вкл/выкл) своей функции выполнять не будет так как она с ИК-датчиком который настроен на прием только приставками Minix. Приставку придется включать и выключать родным пультом от тв бокса а все остальное можно и нужно делать этим пультом. Если бы эта кнопка программировалась то этот пульт был бы несомненно самым лучшим из всех на данный момент.

    Nov 21,2018

  • Ferreira
    MINIX NEO A2 Lite 2.4G Rato de Ar Sem Fio
    Estou muito satisfeito com este produto, otima qualidade dos materiais e também do seu desempenho, sendo certo que já sabia que alguns botões não iriam funcionar por trabalhar com outros aparelhos que não da marca Minix, ainda assim compensa pela facilidade de manuseamento e conforto para a mão. Já experimentei em 3 aparelhos diferentes e funciona em todos eles e bem. Recomendo sem dúvida.

    Nov 28,2018

  • Gil elias
    minix neo A2 lite
    Is one of the best that there, is a very strong and accurate. is not including a microphone and a speaker has a lot of unique functions. is convenient to hold in hand. and is really beautiful
    did not find

    Jun 19,2016

  • Emil Oprita
    Excellent airmouse
    Very good quality, comfortable, working perfectly even you have a bigger hand, best airmouse I have and have three different ones. Try it with a TV box and you will not regret. A must have for living room in my opinion. Decent price for what offers

    May 09,2016

  • MVeEP
    Good device
    High precision, long life on two AAA batteries, precise keyword one site. This remote controller is very usfull with most of devices that are equipped with USB socket. One must check if this remote controller is compatible with e. g. TVset. Ofcourse it smoothly works with Minix TV Boxes.

    Nov 03,2018

  • Ricardo
    Minix Neo A2 Lite
    Good quality made product, fingerprint free plastic, fast reponse, very accorate mouse, one of the best keyboards air mouse
    could use li battery insted of AAA baterys

    Jan 15,2018

  • Marc
    Great quality
    great remote. great construction. works as expected, except back button functions incorrectly on minix box (goes back two levels instead of one). i solved this by downloading and installing keymap file into kodi, but this may be two involved for the average user.
    see above

    Sep 26,2016

  • marco
    minix neo a2 lite
    air mouse molto buono, provato su windows funziona molto bene, sia come air mouse sia la tastiera. molto comoda in alcuni casi in sostituzione della classica tastiera e mouse
    nulla di negativo

    Jul 03,2018

  • Martin Healy
    Beautifully made, quality plastics, nice finish. Excellent design for ease of use. The attention to detail shines through when you notice that the batteries fit at each end of the control to keep the weight evenly balanced - nice touch. Highly recommended.
    I bought this air mouse for use with a NexBox TV box and unfortunately the IR on/off button does not function for the NexBox and it does not appear to be a learning control so I have to use the original crappy remote supplied with the NexBox to turn it on initially which adds to the pile of remote controls needed in my home.

    Jul 22,2016

  • Matej
    MINIX NEO A2 Lite 2.4G Wireless Air Mouse
    Good quality, nice design, compatibility, nice keyboard, 2x aaa batteries are better than built-in battery for me
    I can't find any yet

    Jan 22,2018