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Mini Gamer wireless pentru mouse optic 2.4 GHz
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Mini Gamer wireless pentru mouse optic 2.4 GHz

- roșu 274688702

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1. Mouse-ul wireless este conectat prin receptorul USB.
2. Echipat cu 2 baterii AAA, consum redus de energie. (Bateriile nu sunt incluse.)
3. Cu transmisie wireless de 2,4 GHz, distanța de operare este de până la 10 metri / 32,81 ft.
4. Cu o înclinare automată a frecvenței și o muncă evaluată.
5. Cu design ergonomic, aderență confortabilă și utilizare.
6. Cu design de înaltă calitate, decent și modern.
7. Receptorul compact și ușor, USB, poate fi plasat în partea din spate a mouse-ului, ușor de transportat.
8. Partenerul ideal pentru laptopuri de uz casnic și de birou.



Tip: Mouse
Material: Plastic

Dimensiuni și greutate

Greutatea produsului: 0,0250 kg
Greutatea pachetului: 0,0350 kg
Dimensiunea produsului (L x W x H): 7,00 x 4,00 x 4,00 cm / 2,76 x 1,57 x 1,57 țoli
Dimensiunea ambalajului (L x L x Î): 10,00 x 6,00 x 6,00 cm / 3,94 x 2,36 x 2,36 țoli

Conținutul pachetului

Conținutul pachetului: 1 x mouse, 1 x receptor USB

Mini Gamer wireless pentru mouse optic 2.4 GHz- roșu

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  • demonsRendangered
    Far I absolutely love the keyboard in terms of its build quality and tactile feel of the switches Cherry Brown, up until this point I was noticing little glitches and mishaps with the mouse after a month or two and suddenly it stopped working one day while gaming of course ... I liked the exterior build quality but it seems the quality wasn't consistent, i'm pleased with the keyboard but I wish the mouse would've lasted longer because it was very nice having the weight system and swappable grips on the sides

    Aug 15,2018

  • K. Bayer
    I wanted a quiet mouse because I work from home over the computer as a customer service rep. I hate the sound of the mouse because I feel the customers can hear it, my keyboard is pretty quiet but the mouse I was using was pretty loud, the VicTsing mouse is very quiet and was working very well when I first got it, the construction of the mouse is very good and it fits well as a full-size mouse in my hand, now the clicks are unpredictable because of the sticking

    Sep 18,2018

  • fsado1
    Honestly if you dont have big hands this mouse might not be too good for you, button placement seem awkward if you have small hands and response is a bit wonky, over all its a light mouse feels a little cheap, i like the ability to raise the palm part of the mouse and the magnetic attachments but the weight options are lacking and the mouse wheel feels really cheap, the LEDs are a nice touch but for the price its an ok mouse

    Oct 04,2018

  • Gajit hown
    Liked the minimalistic and sleek design of the mouse and that you just need to click the mouse in order to wake it up, it did use up the battery faster than some previous mouses I've used, the mouse is in an idle state on a bed or any slightly uneven surface the mouse would sporadically move all over the place in one spot on my computer screen, it's best to use on a flat surface like a table it's harder to use if you don't

    Aug 22,2018

  • Maimon
    wireless mouse
    Very good quality wireless mice, react very quickly, work seamlessly, cheap prices, shipping came really fast, suitable for laptop or stationary use, only plug and use without having to install anything, highly recommend to buy

    Jan 10,2019

  • Xtina DeLaRosa
    I needed a simple left and right clickers and a scroll ball wireless mouse with no frills at a low price, couldn't find the wireless receiver for the USB port, i lost my other one when moving and removing all of the external devices from my laptop, i slid it into the USB port, it isn't a high tech ergonomic gaming mouse with extra buttons and functions, wireless mouse

    Jul 24,2018

  • Robert A Withers
    Something about this mouse is a little off, i can't quite get the sensitivity right to where I'm not either moving the mouse far too slow or spastically flying around the screen missing what I'm trying to click on every time, you can change the colors so even if you're unhappy with the mouse you'll still get a solid half hour of mouse customization joy

    Oct 12,2018

  • Randal E. Sutherlin
    At first the left-click button was quiet but as I began to continuously click with my left pointer finger the clicking became louder and louder, very strange how the mouse is doing this but the clicking does Get Loud to the point where I can easily hear it when using the mouse, revived a replacement mouse and it is much quieter than the first one

    Sep 28,2018

    The side mouse buttons are too high up, that great mouse, really responsive love the interchangeable sides and the weights are much appreciated, this mouse is awesome if you have big hands this mouse is not for you it is a little on small side, software for lights is horrible just like the keyboard light software

    Jul 22,2018

  • John pencavage
    The touchpad on my MacBook Pro wasn't working so well so I decided to try a wireless mouse, i am so happy to be back to using a mouse and the fact that it is wireless is even better than constantly jerking on a cord to position it, the sleek low design makes it so much more comfortable than my old mouse

    Aug 03,2018

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Fiți PRIMUL care adresează o întrebare. Vreți puncte GB? Scrieți o recenzie!

Fiți PRIMUL care adresează o întrebare. Vreți puncte GB? Scrieți o recenzie!

Fiți PRIMUL care adresează o întrebare. Vreți puncte GB? Scrieți o recenzie!

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