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  • Aletta
    Forget all of the claims from other LED lights about brightness, this light is the brightest flashlight I have ever seen, there are a lot of cheap lights that claim to be brighter than this one, other cheap lights force you to toggle through bright, this light retains your settings each time you turn it on or off, it is really a great light, if you are a mechanic this light will be the last one you buy, I have several lights in my toolbox, on bright mode it can eat through power

    Mar 25,2017

  • Oleg
    MecArmy PT18
    Фонарь очень качественно сделан. В подарочной коробке. Три светодиода и мощный световой поток 1000 люмен при миниатюрный размерах самого фонаря. Реально очень мелкий фонарь! Есть встроенная зарядка от USB с светодиодным индикатором, что удобно.
    Главный минус - большая цена!

    Aug 17,2018

  • chad ahrens
    The settings are simple to use has a great tail cap button, firefly mode is great for reading or if you just need a dim light without killing your night vision, I personally don't need the light on high for anything other than a self defense situation, low and medium cover most normal flashlight needs

    Mar 23,2018

  • BA K.
    I had to return this flashlight to PowerTac twice because it wasn't working properly on the high setting, and the flashlight would flicker and dim on the high setting, powerTac has good customer service and this flashlight works fantastic with Tenergy batteries

    Oct 15,2018

  • MStal
    I have purchased several of these flash lights, I have buddies that has purchased flashlights off of the tool truck and pay alot more for a big bulky light that is sub par in quality, if you work on things and need a reliable light that last a long time this is it

    Jul 15,2017

  • S. Morales
    Dont let its size fool you on brightest setting it will blind you, put my other lights in retirement.The only negative is everyone wants to use it and keep it after using it !!!! Wife keeps one in her purse just in case

    Jul 07,2018

  • Matt Kolbrener
    I used it for an outdoor night training session with Mr. John Farnam himself, I won't be buying another Surefire due to the much higher price for lower lumen output

    May 17,2017

  • Ray Vidal
    '' It is that light weight, I loved the function button : low, and cycling through functions just to get a flashlight to work was annoying and a waste of time

    Aug 26,2017

  • J Alan
    Incredible amount of light from such a small form factor, I am expecting a similar product from THRUNITE tomorrow and will compare the two

    Jul 14,2017

  • Jason Waters
    This is a powerful flash light, it has an adjustable head that allows you to switch from illuminating a wide area to focusing on a small spot

    Sep 11,2016