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  • Vasiliy
    Power Distribution Board
    PDB Matek is not original, but still the quality of soldering and performance is good. If the input is 11.6V, then the bridge at 5V gives out honestly, 12 volts also lowers slightly - 10.3 at the output, the rest of the board as a board. The manufacturer has no inscriptions. I hope it will last for a long time. dimensions in the video.
    PDB Матек не оригинальный, но все же качество пайки и исполнения хорошее. Если на входе 11,6V то мост на 5V выдает честно, 12 вольтовый же занижает слегка - 10,3 на выходе, в остальном плата как плата. Надписей производителя нет. Надеюсь прослужит стабильно и долго. размеры в видео.

    May 02,2018

  • vasiliy
    Matek Systems PDB
    Not the original PDB Matek, but still. When the input at 11.6V then the bridge at 5V gives out honestly, the 12 volt is reinsured - 10.3 at the output, otherwise the board as a board, the quality is normal. The manufacturer has no inscriptions.
    Не оригинальный PDB Матек, но все же. Когда на входе 11,6V то мост на 5V выдает честно, 12 вольтовый же перестраховывается - 10,3 на выходе, в остальном плата как плата, качество нормальное. Надписей производителя нет.

    Mar 22,2018

  • Alen Kegl
    Matek PDB
    I am satisfied with this PDB, using only this one!

    Its lightweight, nice looking and easy to use. the only thing i am not satisfied is this really soft XT60 connector.

    Mar 06,2018

    Excelente PDB
    La calificó con 5 estrellas por considerar que es una Excelente PDB, muy sencilla de entender e instalar, su calidad rebasa su precio, también puedes considerar que tiene adicional salida a 5 v incluida para los que usamos FCs que requieren este voltaje, una vez instalada correctamente y puesta a funcionar no existen problemas con ella... por lo cual es muy confiable y recomendable.

    Sep 30,2018

  • doboz
    matek system pdb
    Great cheap and very power full. Integrated ubec / step-down. Very noise free step-down. You can use 1000uF low esr capacitor to reduce noise on input side.

    Nov 26,2018

  • Miguel
    Matek PDB XT60
    - It has a 5V and 12V BEC
    - Very good quality at a good price.
    - If you are using 3s the 12V gives you aproxx 10.3V

    May 13,2018

  • Meyu
    Pefect PDB for drone
    Work fine
    Take spares its a really good price
    I use it on my end build drone, just perfect
    I am not a pro but i guess i needed 120a pdb 5€ for my 35a esc
    My mistake but it work fine

    Sep 13,2017

    Power Distribution Board with XT60
    The power distribution board is good quality and works with my X frameboard 210mm.

    Sep 13,2016

  • Wallace Lourenço
    Matek Pdb
    The Matek pdb is a very good board. It can be used con 4 esc until 25mHa and it has a lower price. I advise.
    Nothing at the moment.

    May 07,2018

  • Hudsonn
    Price is very reasonable and quality seem fine for the price.
    I think these are not real matek pdbs but I'm sure they do just fine.

    Dec 29,2017