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  • Nicole
    Far the product has been very good, the screen feels smooth and very responsive, i connected it to my computer not my laptop so it is really cool to be able to use it directly as my computer monitor without having to buy a separate monitor for my computer

    Jul 27,2018

  • Kyu Song
    I eventually went to the manufacturer's website and downloaded some new drivers, the price is fantastic, their configuration software is well designed and straightforward, i had to download a version new than the one they included on their CD

    Jun 23,2017

  • joseph callahan
    Other than a small bit of trouble starting up which was quickly handled by Gaomon's tech support the latest driver wasn't posted online and had to be sent to me I have been completely satisfied with this tablet

    Aug 15,2017

  • Joseph
    Nice product
    The product is simple, light and work as expected. It was a little bit pressed during the shipping but still works fine
    Maybe a integrated stand could have been good

    Sep 02,2017

  • Bob Ard
    This is my first screen tablet, the glass screen is nice and I am very happy gloves are included, the buttons are very useful, the pen is lightweight so it is easy to hold, great sensitivity

    Jul 30,2017

  • Gaterhouse
    It seems to have trouble with a three monitor setup with constantly defaulting back to my non main monitor, i'm hoping for new stable drivers to be available soon

    Jun 04,2018

  • Mark Lucas
    I got this in uninstalled all of my old drivers as told too, i did notice what appears to be a spot or maybe a burnt out pixel on the right side of it

    Jul 30,2017

  • Phillip D. Coleman
    Really great product, have one problem : The left side of the express keys are not functioning, the right side is completely fine though

    Nov 12,2017

  • Garrett P.
    It is the first tablet I have ever gotten that allows me to draw on the screen while also being able to SEE what I am drawing

    Jun 19,2017

  • Eric Kingston
    Its not the same quality as a cintiq, it's a third the price and really does everything you need a periferal tablet to do

    Sep 01,2018