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  • Stefan
    Great Tiny Whoop
    KingKong Tiny6 came in the basic package as advanced was not available. It is just the copter, 1 battery and a USB charger. Battery charged up and wanted to bind copter. Receiver was FCC so I had to flash to EU version, which was quite easy. After that binding was done and liftoff! Copter has not much power but still enough to race indoors. Not suitable outdoors as any kind of wind just pushes it around.
    If you want a Tiny for your home, something to race in your office, its a great choice!
    no cons, get yourself the advanced package, it makes more sense than just the basic version.

    Jan 16,2018

  • Anders Persson
    Werry fun and flies great. I broke my first one by misstake and orderd a new one direct =D
    Awerage range and reception but anuff for my skills.
    The first one had a prop that was to tight from start and bound.
    After som TLC it flied great again.
    The second one has a bent frame with propbind as a result. Can not fly it sinc I got the wrong receiver on it sadly :(

    Jul 06,2017

  • Vernon Davis
    Excellent little quad for the beginner camera is pretty clear flies really well inside

    Nov 08,2018

  • Sven
    I like it and will order more of this. Thanks
    Unbeatable price quality value.
    No OSD

    Aug 03,2018

  • Alick
    Great tiny quad
    Is a good platform to learn fpv using this quad
    brushed motor do worn out very fast so make sure to buy some aftermarket motor as spares

    Dec 12,2017

  • Daniel
    durable little copter, love it
    no cons buy this thit

    Dec 01,2017

    tiny whoop
    perfetto per volo indoor e per prendere confidenza con l'fpv. Molto reattivo e divertente

    Sep 30,2018