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  • Aries Simon
    Makes an impression
    I get more compliments on this watch than just about anybody I know does with any of their watches.
    I got a watch because I was tired of looking at my phone to check the time and getting distracted by 30 new notifications, but I also recognize that ant watch you wear makes a statement. People look at the hands and the eyes so whatever is there, its gonna be a first impression sort of thing.
    Anyways, its sort of silly that a watch this cheap makes such a big impression, but that's good with me XD.

    Sep 16,2019

  • James Pigou
    Good watch for a reasonable price
    This watch is absolutely worth the price!!!
    I was looking for a watch than can be worn both day-to-day and to semi-formal/formal events and this one fits the bill. Instantly was impressed by the nice presentation of the box that the watch came in and sizing to my wrist was really easy with the included tool!
    The movement of the watch is smooth, and stays accurate once the time is set.

    Sep 21,2019

  • James Jeremiah
    Top watches require very little money
    I like it very much. Very good design, blue hand on black background, glass is very stable, it is flat, always want a simple, but not too small like other leather strap watches, I found the perfect watch. Someone may afraid to buy this watch, because the price is low, I can calm down, its top treatment, the material is no different from how many expensive watches and you can wear them on any occasion.
    Delivery is fast, I’m really recommend this watch to anyone.

    Sep 07,2019

  • Taylor Minnie
    Stylish and trendy
    My husband is a watch fanatic so this item goes with his collection well. Its not only bit stylish but trendy and classic. It fit well and didnt cause any rash from rubbing. Holds time well and it's easy to clean.
    Nicely designed watch, suitable for casual and formal occasions.

    Sep 12,2019

  • Edmund Hornby
    A Good Watch Overall
    I enjoyed the product a lot. It's good quality, especially for the design.
    The band is very light, and despite my initial thoughts, it doesn't pinch any hairs. It's also a great, simplistic design.
    I haven't found any issues yet.

    Sep 19,2019

  • Dunn Macaulay
    Good quality for the price.
    The band is great, I really like the feel of it, it is smooth and a nice weight. It is also easy to adjust. I would suggest getting this watch for yourself or as a gift.

    Sep 19,2019

  • Tobey Bacon
    Love it!
    • High Quality.
    • Unique Design.
    • Hardness glass mirror.
    • Water proof. I can take shower with it, that’s a big plus!
    • Unique package.
    • Good price.
    • Fast delivery.
    • Great Gift.

    Sep 22,2019

  • Gladys Austin
    EVERYTHING bout these watches are wonderful.
    It's light, small, never interferes with the cuff of a shirt, keeps good time and is exceptionally practical.

    Sep 20,2019

  • Alvin Alerander
    Gorgeous watch for the price.
    This is the minimalist watch I've bought for myself, and I'm enjoying it so far.
    If you like it too, I think the earlier you buy it, the happier you will be.

    Aug 24,2019

  • Page Walter
    The face is very clean and meanwhile a little bit unique, unlike other watch with so simple dial. That's good for me.

    Aug 30,2019