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  • Rodrigo Al.
    Awesome for the price
    I love to listen music, and I've keeping buying earphones by the years, and its my first time I see earphones with this quality sound with this price!

    Compared with my Xiaomi Pistons Fresh, this one offers my a lot of better and deep bass without distortion, Is a thing you couldn't think in a just 3$ earphone.

    The issue comes with the treble sound, the bass is a lot immersive but the treble is bit penetrating, in others time you don't listen those trebles, but those are adjustments you can change in your music player in the equalizer, also as I said for 3$ you can't ask for it, is just awesome!

    The quality is good to, it don't feel weak, hope be enjoying my dubstep musics here and my lo-fi and pop music in my Xiaomi Pistons :D

    Jul 28,2019

  • kreeplambor
    Хорошие наушники
    Идеально подходят под мои уши. Хорошая (достаточная) звукоизоляция. Долговечность.За последние полгода решил попробовать несколько моделей других производителей. Каждые ломались через 2—3 месяца: то провод внутри перетрется, то наушник рассыпется. Причем все были дороже CX 300.
    В итоге снова вернулся на Sennheiser. Пользуюсь этой моделью последние 7 лет. Меняю примерно каждые три года, обычно ломается внутри провод около штекера.
    Идеальная для меня модель по соотношению цена-качество-эргономика-долговечность.
    В новой версии изменили развилку между левым-правым наушниками, получилось немного громоздко. Также изменили провода, они теперь более мягкие, поэтому больше путаются при хранении. И кажется теперь стали слишком легкими, непривычно.

    Jul 23,2018

  • Adam Ahmed
    Almost £3, why not more?
    Super cheap for what you're getting.
    May not be a JCB, but definitely durable and high quality.
    The wires are strong, they don't break with bends or light pulls.
    The wires are glued into the jack, mid section and the ear pods.
    The headphones fit nicely into the ears.
    High quality looking material, does not feel cheap at all.
    Sound quality is more than average, it is not the best though. Light bass and treble.
    No indication of L and R ear pods.
    Unlike the picture, the headphones are not shiny gold.

    Apr 23,2016

  • Abelardo
    Excellent choice in sound quality and price
    Excellent choice in sound quality and price, these headphones are excellent for the price they were purchased and the quality of the product is the best option when buying this type of accessories, so far its operation has been excellent, many believe that the product It is of higher value for the quality of its finishes and functionality. If you are looking for quality, price and design this will be your best option

    Sep 01,2018

  • Allan Figueiredo
    Great sound quality, bass and balanced treble, but if you put lots of bass it is very good. I move with professional sound and I know what I'm talking about.
    Despite being a low-priced phone it impresses with its quality. Better than many phones of famous brands, which are higher-priced.
    metal details and gold-plated plug. Perfect!
    I recommend !!

    Jun 30,2016

  • Mathias
    Fone de excelente qualidade.
    Fone excelente, possui um som impecável, com destaque nos graves. O único ponto que eu achei que poderia melhorar são as borrachinhas que abafam, não encaixaram muito bem no meu ouvido, mas coloquei borrachinhas de outro fone e problema resolvido. O fio é bastante longo, e é bom ressaltar que ele não possui microfone, apenas fone, mas mesmo assim acho excelente, estou usando ele nesse exato momento.

    Jul 09,2019

  • Allan Figueiredo
    Great Quality!!
    Much better than expected, great sound quality! Impressive bass and treble great quality. I move with professional sound and I know what I'm talking about ..
    You lose nothing headphone famous brands and much more expensive ..
    Good construction quality, has metal in the details and gold-plated plug.
    I recommend !!

    Jun 30,2016

  • Neue
    Die In-ear's haben wirklich einen erstaunlichen Bass. Selbst meine Monster Turbinen kommen dagegen nicht an. Sie haben auch ein gutes räumliches Klangbild. Allerdings sollte man im Equalizer nachregeln da die Höhen sehr penetrant sind. Aber das ist für diesen wirklich geringen Preis zu verschmerzen. Die Verarbeitung ist an sich auch in Ordnung bloß ist der klinkenstecker bei meinen Kopfhörern ein wenig schräg.
    Die Höhen sind zu penetrant.

    Apr 23,2017

  • David
    Nice Bass For Earbuds
    I bought these earbuds to tryout. Man was I blown away on how well they handle. I ran them through a full spectrum of music. They are keyed for bass so to truly appreciate the sound I used the EQ on my music app to cut out some of the bass. This allowed them to show off what they can do with Mids and Highs which was very clean. Overall I am really impressed. Great bang for your buck.

    Jun 27,2016

  • dr.jim
    JBMMJ MJ8500 Clear Bass Dynamic In-ear Earphones - Golden
    1. Good sound quality for the cost
    2. Nice gold color
    3. Good cable length
    4. balanced bass and treble
    5. High quality cable
    6. very low price -- VFM
    7. Recommend it
    cons : its not the best earbuds

    May 10,2019