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  • Marin
    Da (0) Culoare: Golden
    Grabber tool
    Quality of this completelly metal item is very high. Whole body is made of brass, claws are made of steel wire (stainless? I do not know). This tool is much better than tweezers when you handele with small screws and nuts. When you grab a nut or screw it stays in place secured by retractable claws until (nut or screw) is placed on its place. No more annoying falling off small details. A incredible tool which everyone need when handling small parts. I know, I will buy one more. I do not know why I did not it before? You wont find anything better for the price. Recommended!
    When activation button is pressed and the finger accidentally slept off the claws retracts into the tool tube and get stuck there. It may be hard to get claws out. In that case the activation button need to be pressed hard.

    Mar 13,2016

  • Viappia
    Da (0) Culoare: Golden
    Pro : Hi,I have received the item.Everything is like described.The item was well packed and protected.The shipping was good and the item arrived in few weeks.I'm very satisfied by it.I recommend this seller as serious and Gearbest customer service as efficient.ByeCons: Absolutely nothing, everything was perfect.

    Oct 01,2018

  • Costas AriAri
    Da (0) Culoare: Golden
    A must have for the hobbist
    Well made little toolVery useful for all DIYers and not onlyCan reach small screws and parts that are normally out of reachEasy to carry with the retracting point(s)cheap
    none really

    May 14,2018

  • Eugen
    Da (0) Culoare: Golden
    Захват JAKEMY JM - T8 - 11
    Полностью металлическая конструкция - прочно и надежно. У меня был аналогичный инструмент в пластиковом корпусе, он прослужил менее трех лет и треснул.

    Mar 07,2018

  • Patrick
    Da (0) Culoare: Golden
    nice to have
    if you desolder parts this will safe your fingers from burns also nice to pick out salvaged parts out of my glas bowls without dumping all

    Aug 16,2016

  • Sebastian
    Da (0) Culoare: Golden
    Very good quality for this price.This is nice because it is made from metal, not from plastic. You can grab also hot parts.I highly recommend this.
    None until now

    Jun 10,2018

  • Stefan Kovachev
    Da (0) Culoare: Golden
    Precision Parts Grabber
    Very practical for assembly and disassembly of detail. Even when you have something to weld and run it as a third hand.

    Sep 04,2016

  • Hamdaoui
    Da (0) Culoare: Golden
    JAKEMY JM - T8 - 11 Precision Parts Grabber
    Can grab small parts, has 4 legs, Can hold them without extra pushing
    if you release it quickly the legs gonna gets inside, you have just to open it (rotate the head till it opens) then re fix it and reassemble

    Jun 04,2016

  • Basel Mabook
    Da (0) Culoare: Golden
    Jakemy JM T8 Grabber
    Great Product. Works great. Great Price and nicely built.

    Dec 11,2015

  • Vadim
    Da (0) Culoare: Golden
    JAKEMY JM - T8 - 11
    It works perfectly, arrived ALL las Pieces included in the photo

    Sep 02,2016