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  • A-L-E-X
    Przyda się do podłączania w celu ładowania urządzeń:-) nie potrzeba będzie do tego komputera, ani go włączać:-).
    Myślałem za pierwszym razem, że lampka będzie trochę większa, ale teraz stwierdzam że jest w sam raz, gdyż mieści się wszędzie i fajnie świeci. Jedyne co mi przeszkadza to przewód zasilający z tyłu lampki, mógłby być zakrzywiony, a nie na wprost, gdyż tak uniemożliwia podsunięcie lampki pod samą krawędź mebla, gdyż uderza w nie:-).
    Ale i taj wielki plus, niby nic, a jednak coś:-).

    Aug 23,2020

  • Jared Judd
    It's great!
    I bought this for my daughter. The material is fantastic. It comes with 5 charging cords which all work great. (and look great too). She uses it to charge her iPhone, iPad, a fitbit and then random stuff. We charge Apple and Android products and it works great. I have a different charging station for me but it's not as nice as this one. Buy it, it's good

    Jan 10,2020

  • Lucas Viana
    Toop, muito útil
    muito útil, tu pode carregar várias coisas ao mesmo tempo, tem Quick charge em uma porta, além de que tu pode usar de abajur. eu uso pra carregar o tablet, celular, smartwatch, Kindle, mi Band... uma mão na roda recomendo!
    o único contra é que a base não fica bem presa daí tive que usar dupla face pra fixar.

    Oct 17,2020

  • Matej Velikonja
    Very good
    The product quality overall is very good. It could be a little bit firmly attached to the holder but that's just a minor problem. The package came quickly and was nearly packed. The QC3 plug functions normally and the light is quite bright.

    Apr 24,2020

  • Colin Nehemiah
    I like this charger and would buy again
    We really like this charger a lot. Though I wish we were given a buying option to have only apple charging cables since we are an apple product house! Either way it is a great docking station to have and isn't a big mess of wires.

    Jan 10,2020

  • Lawrence Sander
    Enjoying a tidier charging station
    This is so much nicer than having all our different charging cords plugged into a power strip on the desk. All/any devices charging get a spot to charge instead of being strewn about the desk while charging.

    Jan 11,2020

  • Luca Nicotri
    piccolo ma estremamente pratico, molto utile per mettere in ordine i propri dispositivi: smartphone, tablet ebook.

    Jan 16,2020

  • Elijah Roland
    Perfect Multi-Device Charging Station
    Our family of four loves this charging station! We have iPhones, iPads, Kindles, and one tablet we are able to charge on trips and at home with ease. No more searching for chargers.

    Jan 10,2020

  • George
    Intelligent Fast Charge QC3.0 Charging Holder 5-port USB
    Good product for money,
    5 usb ports and good light
    The bad thing is all is a plastic and the base for mushroom is not good

    Jan 19,2021

  • Janis
    Great charger
    Great charger! Works excellent! Very convenient with slots and light. Also looks good on every stand or table.

    Aug 13,2020