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  • Douglas
    Convenient to Use
    I typically don't care for this type of earbud for my music listening but my son talked me into trying these and I am impressed.First of all the fit was good and snug, did not feel like they were going to fall out if I moved.Second and MOST important is the sound, I was blown away by the quality of sound, I had tried this type of earbuds before and the sound was always lacking but these came through with flying colors.Third is the fact that with the box fully charged you can take them with you and listen for over 4 hours of music before you have to hook the box up again and you can charge the case

    Dec 31,2019

  • Benjamin
    Just received these and paired them up to my fiio Hi res mp3 player. Took seconds. No problems. Got them charging at the moment. Using charger that came with my Samsung phone. For an extra charge I would pay for a dedicated charger. Sound quality I must say is very impressive. And they go loud. Bought them to take on holiday in a couple of weeks as the cable on it annoy me when sunbathing. Will do another review when I get home from holiday in Tunisia. So far so good and a happy chappy.

    Dec 29,2019

  • Glendon
    Comfortable and Mini
    I found this set of earbuds quite nice and comfortable (once you find the correct size for the earpiece). The sound quality is good too and they can also reduce the external noise very well. Plus it also has a mono mode that is quite convenient. So you can use one of both earpieces whenever you like. I also liked the fact that you can charge and transport them in their own little box, which makes it really ease when travelling.

    Jan 01,2020

  • Darwin
    Easy to Use
    The case is easy to open with 1 hand. Fast and seamless pairing. Good sound quality with enough noise cancellation. Good tactile buttons that do not push the ear buds further in the ear when pressed. Evrything is good. I can't say much about water durability, but its still working after using it in UK spring weather.But I do not like that fact that I needed to change to my phone mic everytime when using public transport.

    Dec 27,2019

  • Gaby
    Great Sound
    The only thing that would drop this product severely in my eyes is if it stopped working within the first year or two, other than that, top marks for now. Absolutely chuffed about it but will be back if any issues arise. :)Doesn't really have noise cancelling but noise isolation I would say, the sound is gorgeous at this price point and the battery/connectivity is very good.

    Dec 26,2019

  • Saspar
    Perfect Earphone
    I have owned several headphones; I have only recently gotten in to the earbud headphones and it is the first pair.These little guys have great sound quality, nice deep base, perfect mid and clear crisp treble. The only thing I do don’t like about them is it’s hard to get use to which buttons do what, volume up/down, forward, reverse. Other than that, I really like them a lot.

    Dec 30,2019

  • Eugene
    Amazing Sound Quality
    I use this product mostly for music so in that regard it works pretty well. I have had no issues thus far!

    Dec 30,2019

  • Chris
    Like it
    Sound is great for the price. Why pay a fortune for a brand name when products like this exist.

    Dec 25,2019

  • Angus
    Good Gift
    I bought these for my daughter and she loves them. I'm very happy with these because she is.

    Jan 03,2020