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  • Luke
    Da (0) Culoare: Mango Orange Dimensiune: X2 US Plug
    First 3D printer
    I wanted to buy a introductory level 3D printer and I was lookIng at the easythreed x1 But it did not have a cooling fan but the easythreed x2 has a cooling fan and that is a huge deal because without one your print will just look like a glob the x2 also has a nice little lcd screen with a dial, because it has the screen you can choose what file you want to print it won’t just default to the newest file I recommend that you have your own filament and that you make a new filament stand as one of your first prints just type easythreed into thingiverse and download the one you want, all in all it is a great starter printer

    Jul 06,2020

  • Iris
    Da (0) Culoare: Mango Orange Dimensiune: X2 US Plug
    Great printer!
    We actually weren't sure if it was the x1 or the x2, but it is in fact the second model, and a huge improvement over the previous one. We have seen reviews of the x1, and this one fixes everything wrong with the other: there is a part cooling fan, wifi connection, screen and a proper menu, and the bands come with the proper tension.Even the first slicing went perfectly and it is printing in really good quality!The only downside is that, outside of the proprietary slicing software, there isn't a preset yet for the cura slicer. But it's easy to copy from the other software, so no big deal.Great purchase!

    Apr 05,2020

  • Jardah
    Da (0) Culoare: Mango Orange Dimensiune: EU Plug
    Super tiskárna za rozumnou cenu pro začátečníky a toho, kdo si chce vyzkoušet 3D-tisk. Tiskárna má několik nedostatků, jako třeba uspořádání kabelu,slabší chladicí ventilátor a nemá vyhřívanou podložku (tisk pouze PLA). Ale jak jsem psal v úvodu, pro začátečníka na seznámení s 3D tiskem ideální.

    Jul 04,2020

  • JotaZeta
    Da (0) Culoare: Mango Orange Dimensiune: EU Plug
    Excellent Purchase
    All was excellent with the shipment, it came even before the time estipulated, this machine is not for people who looks for amazingly detailed pieces, but its perfect for people like me, I just make my artifacts with Tinkercad and then I just press play and print my piece. Other more complex machines require a lot of effort for maintenence and I don't have time for that. (Sorry by my english... ;) )

    Jun 11,2020

  • Den
    Da (0) Culoare: Mango Orange Dimensiune: EU Plug
    Easythreed X1 Mini Portable FDM 3D Printer
    3D принтер Easythreed X1 Mini портативный - неплохой 3D принтер для начинающих. Если повезёт, то будет отлично печатать из коробки.Распаковка -

    Jun 18,2020

  • Easythreed X2
    Da (0) Culoare: Mango Orange Dimensiune: X2 US Plug
    Great printer great price!
    This printer is great out of the box. It has printed anything I've thrown at it. Great for a beginner or for a second printer to do small projects on.

    May 12,2020

  • Denis
    Da (0) Culoare: Mango Orange Dimensiune: EU Plug
    Nice Printer for 89$
    A good printer for a small fee. Just for beginners, in order to understand what it is and whether it will be dealt with in the future, and maybe this will work.

    Jan 26,2020