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    Good quality and a flashlight.
    So. Imalent HR20 certainly can be considered a good candidate for the purchase, choosing nalobnik with charging. But his own advantages, can be for someone and minuses - management will be enjoyed not all, but a smooth change in brightness can cause permanent twist the ring to find the desired brightness. Sometimes it is much easier to choose a ready-made, you make the right. But the lantern is ready to use right out of the box (most importantly do not forget about the special protection in the battery), and some pros still remain poles - at least have a built-in charging. If you find a lantern on sale or to take with all sorts of "points" of dollars, for example, 30 - the competition and not be found. In any case, there will be very little. Conclusions. + High-quality housing + Complete battery + Built-in charging indication + Smooth brightness change + Powerful + Weight 46 grams
    - There is impractical solutions (plug, no current display brightness) - In the light it looks more like an ordinary flashlight EDC rather than "nalobnik" - In my copy of the reflector there is a small defect - The price of 40 dollars a bit overpriced (although - battery)

    Dec 18,2016

    IMALENT HR20 LED Headlamp
    Фонарик поставляется в обычной картонной коробке оформленной в сине-черных цветах. Аккумулятор с защитой, плюсовой контакт выступает. Размеры 18.5х68.5мм, имеет маркировку Imalent MRB-186P26, 3.7В, на 2600mAh. Голова данного фонаря самое интересное место — тут расположилась кнопка включения, совмещенная с заглушкой для MicroUSB разъема.Imalent HR20 определённо можно считать неплохим кандидатом на покупку, выбирая налобник с зарядкой. Но его же плюсы, могут оказаться для кого-то и минусами — управление придется по вкусу далеко не всем, а плавное изменение яркости может заставить постоянно крутить это кольцо в поисках нужной яркости.

    Sep 23,2017

  • andrea pizzurro
    malent torcia LED HR20 headlight
    Imalent HR20 HEADLIGHT leggera e multifunzionale--Utilizza LED CREE XP-L HI in combinazione con MCPCB in rame e modulo di controllo della temperatura-- ---uscita max 1000Lm---costruzione in lega di alluminio aerospaziale IPX-8 impermeabile (2m)--dotata di porta Micro USB per la ricarica---lente in vetro temperato ultra-trasparente con rivestimento antiriflesso---Riflettore in alluminio liscio che permette un fascio luminoso lungo piu' di 225 m--utilizza una batteria 18650 li-ion 3,7v da 2600 mah--Contenuto della confezione: 1 x Imalent HR20 fari a LED, 1 x 2600mAh 18650, 1 x Cavo USB, 2 x O-ring, 1 x fascia, 1 x Manuale inglese..SODDISFATTO DI QUESTA HEADLIGHT CONSIGLIO L'ACQUISTO SU GEARBEST PREZZO OTTIMO QUALITA' ECCELLENTE !!!!
    nessuna controindicazione qualita' eccellente!!!

    Oct 25,2016

  • Jan
    Good light at decent price
    Handy light, with one 18650 battery included. Full light lasts for at least one hour (tested in reality at 0 degree C). It is possible to manipulate in gloves, you need to be a bit patient. Head strips fits even bigger head, adjustment works. Light distribution is a bit focused but not too much (comparing to other lights), I use it on bike helmet. Possibility to charge battery inside is good option for those who will use it occasionally and do not need to invest to charger - this also makes it good candidate for gift. Overall: Good light at decent price.
    Only question is durability of rotatory switch.

    Jan 04,2017

  • Carsten
    Imalent HR20
    Stufenlos verstellbare Winkelkopflampe die den 18650 Li-Ion Akku intern per Mikro-USB-Port laden kann. Da ein anständiger geschützter Akku beiliegt, ist alles Notwendige dabei und die HR20 Kann nach laden des Akkus sofort benutzt werden. Die Helligkeitsverstellung per Drehring funktioniert gut, jedoch ist das Lichtbild durch den Reflektor etwas zu stark gebündelt. Dadurch erzielt die Lampe zwar eine erstaunliche Reichweite, für Arbeiten auf kurze Distanz ist das aber nicht optimal. Mit etwas Diffusorfolie oder einigen Lagen Tesafilm auf dem Glas bekommt man das aber in den Griff.

    Oct 06,2017

  • Michal
    IMALENT HR20 LED Flashlight
    This is my second Imalent light (first one was DN70 - great light btw) and I have to say I quite like it. Its not as floody as Skilhnut H03 with TIR lens (also great light) but it has nice hotspot - it has better throw. Build quality is nice. USB charging and included battery are nice bonuses. Rotatory switch could be a bit more stiff but still provides nice light output control. In general I can recommend this light.
    - none so far

    Feb 22,2018

  • Chuck
    Imalent HR20
    I am impressed with this light. It can serve double duty as either a handheld flashlight or a headlamp. The fit and finish is very nice also. Very bright light with an infinite rotating knob power adjustment that works very well. USB charging capability also. Included also is a 2600 mAh 18650 battery that tests above it's stated capacity. This is a great bonus. I recommend this light.
    No cons that I can detect.... nothing that bothers me. Seriously.........

    Sep 30,2016

  • gyapo
    is simply the best lamp
    a fényerő szabáluozása tökéletes, folyamatos, minden körülményhez a legjobb fényerőt lehet beállítani, a lámpa könnyű, fejen hordáshoz is maximálisan alkalmas, hatalmas a fényerő, és még akkumulátor is jár hozzá the brightness control is perfect, continuous, the best lightness can be set for all conditions, the lamp is lightweight, it is perfect for carrying the head, it has a huge brightness and even battery in price
    nem tudok negatívumot mondani, egyszerűen imádom, tökéletes I can not say a negative, I just love it, it's perfect

    Mar 01,2018

  • RonBar
    IMALENT HR20 LED Flashlight
    Very good headlight has a charging micro USB port (no need to use a separate charger) very bright and adjustable brightness with a dial the package includes a 18650 battery IPX8 waterproof has 3 hidden modes: strobe, SOS, beacon very suitable for a bug out bag.
    the battery is only mAh2600

    Sep 24,2017

  • Dioklecian
    Imalent HR20 Flashlight
    Excellent universal flashlight, can be used as a forehead or as a hand, chest for which there is a clip. Interestingly implemented is a change in the brightness of the flashlight,. . Very convenient USB charging, no need to remove the battery every time. The presence of a high-current battery 2600 mAh

    Jan 17,2019