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  • Jevgenijs
    Useful device
    I've received it 2 days ago and tested quie extensively on 30-60 minutes cycles: quite good result.
    It has dried synthetic car childseat's cushion in 30 minutes almost to done/ child cotton clothing will need more at least 1 hour, may be even 2, but anyway it operates correctly and fast.

    What is good: almost no Chinese language on it, EU power cord installed at factory, not adapter, English instruction inside, not very informative though, just 3-4 pages.
    It produces ozone for disinfection which has quite a 'bright' odour.

    What is not 100% effective:
    wet air is just blown out outside, no condensation vessel is used, so you should use it in ventilated area.

    If compared to large dryers, which looks like full-size laundry machines, this one is much less effective, you won't be able to put there all 6 kg of clothes like in usual laundry machine, but otherwise it is much compact and lightweight, and of course cheaper.

    Aug 22,2019