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  • a kind of successful steamer
    good but not flawless
    The streamer is made by Zajia from youpin crowdfunding platform of Xiaomi. On the simple brown carton package no description about xiaomi but on the manual it does. Package is the basic – brown carton with the steamer model line profile. Built – the steamer built is just acceptable but have gaps in joints. Plastic touch is good, the cable materials and socket is very good.Working – 1200w power is entry level in steamers. As claimed steam temp reach 132C. The 7 holes are illusion, there are only 5 holes operates. Warming up is very fast. The red indicator lighting and turns off when the working temp is reached, but it works even the red light is on. The water container is only enough for two men shirt. It is very hard to ventilate and dry up the inner container space from liquid. For me it takes a lot of weeks.Good hanging and not scorch the arm. Constructively the handle is very good. But for more than 30 mins of ironing it can be wearsome to iron the cloths.Durability of the steamer for regular use can be for 5-10 years (it is just estimation). The application is just for fast ironing in vertical position for few dress cloths for only ok result but enough to put on the cloth to go outside. But for perfect result I think it is unachievable or it will takes so long time, that makes the effort vain just because with classic iron you will get more faster and easy the good result. So the steamer is only for fast and easy ironing 1-3 cloths for proper looking but not for the perfectionist or clothes horses and dandies. I think for 30$ it very good deal but for break deal it needs to be upgraded or at least eliminate quality and some constructive defects. There are 302 model with aluminum red shealth and may be more better built quality (hard to know due to lack of reviews).

    Oct 23,2019