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Ecran LCD luminos Ecran Lumina Luminoase Ecran mic Placi de tabla pentru Copii Drawing 8,5 inch
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Ecran LCD luminos Ecran Lumina Luminoase Ecran mic Placi de tabla pentru Copii Drawing 8,5 inch

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Material: panou LCD flexibil, margine ABS
Acumulator: CR2020
Tensiunea de intrare: 10 - 20G
Dimensiune: 22,8 x 14,7 x 0,5 cm


Dimensiuni și greutate

Greutatea produsului: 0,1100 kg
Mărimea produsului: 22,80 x 14,70 x 0,50 cm / 8,98 x 5,79 x 0,2 inci
Greutatea pachetului: 0,1380 kg
Mărimea Pachetului: 23,00 x 15,00 x 1,00 cm / 9,06 x 5,91 x 0,39 țoli

Package Contents

Conținutul pachetului: 1 x Tablet de scriere, 1 x Stylus

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  • Savy shopper
    The Intuos does have a better build quality, you are a professional artist, i have to consider the price in my review and for the price it is priceless, the most irritating thing with Intuos are the key buttons that are very stiff so after pressing them hundreds of time during a couple of hours of use, it is very light weight and the size is small although the work area is very respectable so it is very easy to carry around, they do not require as much pressure as Intuos does which is better, i personally would prefer a pen with AAA battery than the rechargeable one supplied with this unit, it would allow for instant battery replacement so I am buying the second one with replaceable battery

    Dec 06,2018

  • michael hutchinson
    I've been using this tablet for a few months now and for my first drawing tablet it has to be the most comfortable experience I've had in drawing, while the pen may be light and small, it's more a case of paranoia than of the actual pen, have found the experience very enjoyable, this is my first drawing tablet ever that I used when entering the world of digital art, the batteryless stylus made writing feels right and comfortale to write with, not heavy and weighty so it can feel like a `` quality pen'', the small sized space did feel limited at first, the wacom software was also fantastic and very user friendly

    Oct 29,2018

  • B. Tai
    I chose the smallest model as I already had a very large tablet for drawing, the only complaint I have is the detection range on the pen is pretty small which can be a problem since I hover the pen above the tablet, the design is solid and very thin, resting my hand feels comfortable, the pen is passive meaning it does not need to be charged or provided with batteries, the pen is very light and thin, personally a slightly thicker pen would be better for holding as sometimes my hands start to sweat making it slip down

    Nov 05,2018

  • Rob Boleyn
    I never had done digital art before, i decided to get a cheap tablet to start off with since I knew nothing about digital art, it is pretty small ; the drawing space is about the size of my hand, i think the pen feels nice to hold, i'm a graphic design student and this really came in handy, the four buttons at the top can be adjusted in many adobe programs for hot keys, makes drawing on the computer so much easier !!

    Nov 10,2018

  • cake lady
    My son uses this all the time - it's much better than using a mouse for his photo and drawing programs, apparently the only difference between models is the software that comes with the tablet - the photo software version is more expensive than the drawing version, the software is very basic, he uses this with Photoshop and all his other art software

    Dec 04,2018

  • BostonTechGuy
    I'm not sure how much better it would be compared to other tablets but when I had first bought the tablet it felt so much better compared to using a mouse, another thing I had liked about the tablet was the size since all the drawing tablets my friends had let me use were a larger size, especially for a beginner such as me

    Nov 23,2018

    It comes with a little pen stand/nib holder and replacer, a nice glove, then with the pen it is a little on the light side, i prefer my pens and such to have a little weight cuz it feels sturdier I guess, it is a very nice pen, it is a very nice size, i have tested out this tablet and overall I find that is an excellent product

    Dec 15,2018

  • Joseph B. Hewitt IV
    The pressure is very accurate and it's easy to set up, i love how you can turn the pen on/off like you would a normal pen and save battery life, it is a very small tablet and my only complaint is that I can not use the entire `` screen'' on the tablet to get to the edges of my computer screen, gREAT product for the price

    Nov 25,2018

  • maree
    I choose this drawing tablet due to its reasonable price and the comfortable small size, the tablet's drivers were easy to install and so far, the pen is comfortable to hold and the tablet's pressure sensitivity works just fine with enough practice, it's a good graphics tablet for beginners

    Nov 15,2018

  • Lauri Bernet
    Being able to program the buttons on the pen and tablet to do other functions is really helpful, the free art program they give you is definitely good and easy to use, when he uses the drawing tablet he really enjoys using the different mediums and the pressure sensitive pen is really cool

    Dec 11,2018

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Fiți PRIMUL care adresează o întrebare. Vreți puncte GB? Scrieți o recenzie!

Fiți PRIMUL care adresează o întrebare. Vreți puncte GB? Scrieți o recenzie!

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