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  • Marico
    Useful for the right job.
    I absolutely love using this thing. I already had a tape measure and a laser measure, but having two in one makes this perfect, very user friendly tool. Set it up on my camera tripod, flipped the switch, and marked our lines in about 5 minutes. Could have used this tool on several other previous jobs. This laser measuring feature is pretty cool too, just be careful not to point the laser to anyone’s eyes. Tool seems solidly built, hope it lasts a long time!

    Nov 26,2019

  • Sebastian
    Well worth it!
    Bought this measuring tape to make a bench for my patio, came out very nice. This is an amazing measure with Laser Tape and LCD Digital Display which can tell the distance quickly and clearly. I love its design, especially it could sit steadily while measuring. The laser measuring is very precise and very easy to use. The laser measuring feature is pretty cool too, just be careful not to point the laser to anyone’s eyes. Totally recomend it!

    Nov 30,2019

  • Sebastian
    Accurate description
    This is one of the coolest product I ordered for myself. The laser works perfectly in low light and bright conditions. I can't stress how much I love this thing! It is very handy for making measurements. It’s design is so good that you can carry it around without losing it. It is very simple to use and the measurements are fairly accurate with the tape measurement.

    Nov 28,2019

  • Murray
    Reallly good during reality!!
    My studio started to renovate, everything needs to be in a perfect shape. Especially where the mats are where the aerial ropes need to.
    I gave it to my teachers and we started to do everything just so !
    Easy to use just light it through a horizontal! Accuracy is spot on for the laser. And boom! There is the answer, so that we dont have to do it length by length !

    Nov 27,2019

  • djr
    Great measurer
    Bought this for my dad, since he’s a handy man. He says he likes it a lot and cuts his measuring time in half. I’d say it’s pretty accurate too according to my dad. No complaints here!

    Dec 01,2019

  • Vito_jr
    Will recomend
    It's not super bright, no dangle fangle features, just a nice self-leveling tape measure sized laser, for interior use.

    Dec 02,2019

  • Marico
    very good metter
    This meter is great. It helps me a lot. I'm using the laser to get long distances

    Dec 03,2019

  • D.Algaard
    Good for the money
    For the price, this is a good tape measure.

    Nov 25,2019