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  • billar
    Photography Exclusive Hot Shoe Level Cover
    Bubble level for the camera. Can be used in all appliances where the horizontal level is important. Good quality and repeatability. I bought 4 pcs, everyone shows the same.

    Пузырьковый уровень для фотоаппарата. Может использоваться во всех приборах, где важен горизонтальный уровень. Хорошее качество и повторяемость. Покупал 4 шт, все показывают одинаково.

    Jan 31,2018

  • Victor
    Photography Exclusive Hot Shoe Level Cover
    SMART DESIGN & EASY TO USE- This innovative and efficient design centers the bubble within a circle over your hot shoe.
    STANDARD SHOE TYPE - This hot shoe level will fit any camera with a standard hot shoe
    CAMERA BUBBLE LEVEL& HOT SHOE COVER - Can be used as a hot shoe spirit level for accurate leveling, can also be used as a hot shoe cover to help protect your camera hot shoe from scratching and keep away from dirt.
    not cons

    Apr 09,2018

  • Franco Melechi
    Excellent for test use
    I need to build a leveled bulb for my digital camera. With 3 of these I solved. I need to have a camera (without the socket for external flash) perfectly horizontal and levelled with vertical line in portrait mode. So I can use laser red light to point on the ground in a perfect center radius. Sorry for my bad English I’m not mother language

    Dec 01,2018

  • Alan
    Livella sferica
    Livella sferica costruita in materiale gommoso e con slitta rigida perfetta per essere incastrata nella gancio del flash di qualsiasi reflex.
    Personalmente le ho acquistate per costruire una base di decollo per il mio drone in modo che sia sempre in bolla e non abbia problemi con la camera.
    Ottimo il prezzo è la spedizione gratuita anche se impiegheranno parecchio tempo ad arrivare.

    Oct 03,2018

  • Dmitry
    Level Cover
    Низкая цена
    Сразу две штуки
    Радикально черный цвет
    Показывают горизонт
    Декоративная штукенция
    Резинковый материал

    Apr 04,2018

  • Ed
    Hot Shoe Level Cover is very good value.
    This product is excellent value for money because it is quite well made, works well, is accurate and fits perfectly on the standard hot shoe.
    Besides, it was packed well to protect it during shipping, and the delivery took about three weeks which is an improvement compared with previous orders.

    Feb 21,2018

  • Isidoros
    Bubble level for the camera. Can be used in all appliances where the horizontal level is important. Good quality and repeatability. I bought 4 pcs, everyone shows the same.
    nothing at the moment

    Apr 24,2018

  • PSz
    A useful gadget
    They come 2 in a pack. They are rubbery and fit quite tightly even into worn off flash shoes. They don't have any exposed metal parts which could short flash pins. The bubble level is a nice add on despite most modern cameras having been equipped with a digital equivalent.
    No cons.

    Jul 18,2018

  • Rudolf
    Value for money
    - 2pieces for cheap price
    - great rubber material
    - helps keep hotshoe connector safe and without dust
    - product matches description
    - value for money
    - highly recommended

    Jul 03,2018

  • Visor para camara
    Buen producto
    ME gusta porque es muy útil para nivelar la cámara en cualquier sitio. también me gusta porque ayuda a proteger la zapata. Es un dispositivo muy sencillo pero muy útil y practico. También lo bueno es que vienen 2 y si de pronto se pierde uno puedes contar con un segundo de repuesto. Por eso es muy practico.

    Nov 10,2018