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Lampă rotundă pentru plafon cu LED-uri pentru dormitor / cameră de zi
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Lampă rotundă pentru plafon cu LED-uri pentru dormitor / cameră de zi

- LED lumină caldă Alb 30CM 18W

4.84 63 Recenzii de la clienți | Please refer to English description
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Stil: Simplitate modernă
Materialul de umbrire: Acril
Marca: Altele / altele
Locul potrivit: baie, living, studiu, coridor, bucatarie, dormitor, balcon, camera de hotel, coridor, sala de mese, magazie, curte, sala de expozitie, intrare
Domeniul principal de aplicare: Loc de domiciliu
Tensiune: 220V (V)
Durata medie de viață: 10000 (h)
Tip comutator: Telecomandă
Tipul sursei de lumină: lumină led
Forma umbrei: rotundă
Numărul de surse de lumină: 8
Zona de iradiere: 15m2 -30m2
Model: cerc simplu HMJ
Culoare de lumină: lumină albă cu LED-uri, lumină caldă cu LED-uri, LED-uri inteligente cu trei culori, dimensiuni fără trepte
Sursa de alimentare: negru 23CM 12w, negru 30cm 18W, negru 40cm 24W, negru 50cm 36W, negru 60cm 48W, negru 80cm 60W, alb 23cm 12w, alb 30cm 18W, alb 40cm 24W, alb 50cm 36W, alb 60cm 48W, alb 80cm 60W (W)


Dimensiuni și greutate

Greutatea produsului: 1.0000 kg
Greutatea pachetului: 1.0000 kg

Conținutul pachetului

Conținutul pachetului: 1 x Lampă

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Recenzii de la clienți

4.84 out of 5
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  • Mark Jongewaard
    This thing is small ... that is because I am used to everyone going to HD and buying a cheap ceiling fan and they have no idea what size to get for the room it will be installed in, with this fan the quality is very high, the design is awesome, instructions are good and the setup was easy, I gave it a few weeks and then I realized that this is the perfect size for the room, the fan on high will move a ton of air, I love the remote and it looks great in an unobtrusive way ... no big, bulky HD cheapy fan here :

    Nov 12,2018

  • Kenneth Jack Coleman
    The LED light is bright without being blinding, and the installation was pretty quick and easy, moving too much air to really sleep comfortably at night, and the fast speed is ridiculous, we're making due with the low speed by running our A/C for an hour or so before bed and then turning that off and the fan on low, the medium speed is fine for keeping the room comfortable

    Oct 27,2018

  • bar123
    Fan is really hi-tech looking and quite compact and very quiet, it is really easy installation compared to old school fans ... The blades just `` click'' into place, very pleased with how it turned out for my tight rec room area, complaints : Bulb is not as bright as I was hoping, remote is super simple with bigger buttons which is great during dark room watching movies

    Nov 10,2018

  • Breeana Jarvis
    My husband had to buy the extra support bars that are placed in the ceiling above for extra support, they are not only stylish but the work great, the only thing we need to fix is when using the remote it will control BOTH fans at the same time, I will be needing a much larger fan for a new family room addition and I think I will stick with the Minka brand

    Dec 13,2018

  • ZekieMayaMama2
    At the time we couldn't find a single ceiling fan we liked, it needed to be flush mounted and brushed nickel to match the other fixtures, we lived for a year with a nice light fixture but air movement was definitely missed as our alarm system is on two of the three bedroom windows so they must remain closed when we arm the alarm before bed

    Nov 27,2018

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