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  • Lbm_8744
    Overall the light fixture is nice and modern looking which I liked as it really made my kitchen stand out, my second issue is that the glass part of the light itself seems almost too small to go securely under the metal tabs which are to help hold it in place, I don't know if this is a defect but both lights I had exhibited the same issue, overall I'm pleased with the light and I setup LED bulbs inside and it looks great

    May 03,2018

  • Blake Higginbotham
    I was looking for a bit of a modern feel to give our dinning room/kitchen a new look, I looked at thousands of lights on line and in stores and just couldn't find that perfect pendant until I saw these, they have that modern look that I was searching for, we put two over our dinning room table an one over our half wall divider between our kitchen and family room

    Oct 27,2017

  • G Marie
    Just what I was looking for since my bedroom is wired for lamps to my light switch, my room is small and I don't have room for two lamps, but I do need the extra light, I simply plugged it into the outlet that works the light switch, it's great because it also has an on/off switch for those that don't have their outlet wired to the light switch

    May 10,2018

  • Wayne M. Vanweerthuizen
    Make sure you make a note of the wire labels as they are only attached with a sticky and are not color coded, in the picture it looks like it's metal and very straight but it's actually just the electrical wire, it takes a few days for it to really straighten out but once it does it's a really great pendant light at a really great cost

    Mar 08,2018

  • Rudy Pitte
    Inexpensive lights that are easy to install, we were able to reuse the older lights' ceiling covers and simply rewire for these, quality isn't fantastic but we didn't expect much for the price, we use the cool Edison light bulbs you can find at Walmart and they turn these pendants into a showpiece

    Aug 12,2018

  • Armando Arriaga
    Found this pendant when we were buying new lighting for the kitchen and bought the flush mount lights that match, the pendant light is harder to install, thus said you can destroy the fixture before you get it out of the box good, we like the light and have it on a dimmer switch and it is beautiful

    May 11,2018

  • celulografo
    These pendant lights look fabulous over our granite counter tops, after searching online for the perfect lights, I have to admit I almost thought the price was too good to be true and would not be a quality light, the cords are covered with a thick plastic making them look like a thick wire

    Jan 20,2018

  • D Peterson
    These Edison bulbs are great in the clear glass style pendant lights we recently purchased during a remodel, they give such a beautiful soft light to the room, will purchase their six-pack next time around as it is a better deal for the long term

    Apr 16,2018

  • J R
    Very high quality, it took a little experimenting for us to find the right size bulb to produce the lighting effect we wanted, we also found that a Reveal bulb gave the best light color for our application, poor quality lights

    May 21,2018

  • Jvincent S.
    It's perfect for our space, it puts off a great deal of light as I needed it to since the lights are downward, but the light bulbs hang down lower than the glass globe so I'll be going to find shorter light bulbs this week

    Aug 16,2018