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  • Useful product
    very useful product
    Super fast delivery by shipment to Brazil, something around 30 calendar days.Product as described in the advertisement.Configuration super easy due to the large number of videos in you tube on the camera.
    But I thought the image was clearer. I took off the plastic that protects the lens but the image gets no quality in the details.

    May 01,2018

  • esponjirris
    Its Just OK
    The only think I really like for this product is that is super easy to install and use, is almost plug and play no issues very easy.And I like the option to look at different parts of the 360 degree in different screensIs good if you just want to know if there is something in the place you put the camera
    The quality of the image is not hd as menitoned not at all close to images on description, the image is more like avg quality 400 mp max.No option to send email or message for movement alert it have something but not working, app is not very good but still is working fine all the time.Sound not very good , not a big video range (distance)In terms of image quality If you compare it with dafango camera this is like a toy

    May 15,2018

  • Carina
    Easy to install and navigate
    Standard E27 bulb base, simply install to my light socket. Download the App and for the instructions and it is ready to service. Love the wide viewing angle fisheye lens and two-way audio and motion detection and other smart design. Most functions are easily controlled by my phone remotely.
    Slow shipping

    Feb 18,2018

  • Danna
    Working great camera for taking care of my kids
    Very easy to set up and use. Controlled by my phone, i often use the bulb shaped camera to keep an eye on my kids, see if they are arguing or fighting, or other doing other dangerous things. Sometimes i can’t help talking with them by the camera. What a lovely thing. Recommend to all.
    NO NO

    Mar 03,2018

  • Donald
    Perfect IP camera
    The camera is really helpful, I bought this thing to supervise my roomies, we are on diet. No one should open the fridge door to find food not in the diet list. (we bought alluring food in there for testing our willpower). So far, all people were caught once. But it is working.
    A little expensive

    Feb 14,2018

  • antoniel Menezes
    O item pareceu muito interessante , e seria muito importante para segurança de minha casa , mais veio com defeito pois não está funcionando de maneira nem uma , espero que seja corrigido meu problema já abri um chamado pra solução, mais parece ser uma câmera muito boa , foi o primeiro produto que aconteceu isso .

    Jan 11,2019

  • Sandro
    ESCAM QU136
    The price because the rest is pure rubbish. I did not like it and would not recommend it. Seeing the product I thought it would suit what I need. But there is no other application and I am very disappointed with the store.
    Horrible. Would not recommend to anyone. I am deeply disappointed with both the store and the product. Do not buy. The product does not recognize the application itself. It's no use for me. I played $ 130.00 in the trash.

    May 10,2018

  • Francesco
    telecamera lampadina
    L'idea è bella. La telecamera può passare inosservata. La qualita video é accettabile. L' app si comporta decentemente. Purtroppo non ha infrarossi e quindi in notturna non è utilizzabile se non accendendo la luce led. Scarsa sensibilità wifi.
    assenza infrarossi

    Apr 21,2018

  • Brooklin
    Nice IP camera
    So like a normal home use bulb, not obtrusive or distracting esp while it lights on.Very clear views on my iPhone. 360 degree wide-angle view. I have this bulb installed my department. So far, working very well.I’m thinking whether order one for parents.
    No cons

    Feb 27,2018

  • @ivan_oliven
    Achei de ótima qualidade, além de super barata. Confesso que não imaginava tanta qualidade com um preço super em conta. Super recomendo. Além disse passou sem taxação pelos correios e chegou em menos de 30 dias. Super Recomendo

    Jul 07,2019