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  • mohamed amine
    Da (0) Culoare: Black
    best silicone
    im really liked this item from gearbest it will protect my macbook ports from damage and it keep it clean thsi is so beautiful and the price is so low you can everyone buy it from gearbest thank you for your good work and shipping time was in time .

    Feb 19,2019

  • Eizo
    Da (0) Culoare: Black
    Anti Dust plugs
    Convinient, usefull, brings extra plugs for every model of macbook
    The energy source one tends to drop off easily

    Apr 19,2017

  • Clever
    Da (0) Culoare: Black
    Solution to real problem
    Was getting tired of having to blow the dust of some of these ports.
    Would be better if made to fit any device with those ports.

    Jun 24,2017

  • Abdy F.
    Da (0) Culoare: Blue
    Cheap and Useful
    Great quality and is Compatible with the Retina and No-Retina version of the Macbook Pro.
    The 3.5mm miniJack plug is very small and is easy to lost.

    Jun 04,2016

  • Yurii
    Da (0) Culoare: White
    Anti-dust Plugs for MacBook
    Simple anti-dust plugs, nothing more.
    Not supported with my MacBook Pro 2011, only later.

    Jan 24,2017

  • Adolfo
    Da (0) Culoare: White
    muy bien
    realmente no esperaba mucho de este producto cuando lo pedi por el bajo costo pero la verdad es que me sorprendi demasiado, es un muy buen producto a un buen precio
    me parecio super bien el precio, no le encuentro nada en contra ya que cumple con su objetivo de cubrir las entradas de mi macbook volvere a pedir de mas colores para que pueda satisfacerme

    Mar 30,2017

  • a4c
    Da (0) Culoare: Black
    Antidust inserts
    Good price. Seem useful but not for every laptop.
    None have been found so far...

    Sep 10,2016

    Da (0) Culoare: Black
    silicone anti-dust plug
    Applying perfectly in MacBook...

    Dec 28,2017

  • Anastasios Kladitis
    Da (0) Culoare: Black
    Great Product
    Useful plugs for protecting your MacBook ports.
    nothing at all it really works

    Oct 11,2017

  • GeorgeTsk
    Da (0) Culoare: Black
    Macbook port protectors
    Good protectors, nothing bad about them.
    Doesn't support Macbook pro 2011, they must mention it in the description.

    Jun 04,2017