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  • mr engineer
    I followed the simple instructions exactly and was able to apply the screen perfectly without any bubbling or `` spots'' underneath without any trouble at all, I think the included supplies -LRB- wet/dry cloth and debris sticker -RRB- are what really sets this particular screen kit apart from the others !! They really set you up to have the perfect application if you can follow a few EASY steps, Mine looks as perfect as it did before I broke my last tempered glass screen protector -LRB- and that one was put on by a professional

    Nov 05,2018

  • Ryan Kent
    This is the best Glass Screen Protector I have used yet -LRB- mostly I am impressed because I got it on without any bubbles, the installation was tricky because the stickers they include to line it up didn't hold at all and slipped off quickly plus half of the sticker wasn't even sticky, I ended up using the extra screens lint picker up stickers after the first and second set included for that purpose failed, Probably if The glass lays flat and looks great even though I had to put it on twice

    Oct 28,2018

  • thomas e dolan
    I usually don't leave a detailed review but this one is a given, After opening the box I found all the nescessay items to install the protector and very happy to see the guide included that makes the install so easy, I got no air in between the screen and what was in there diminished quickly and I think the extra curved glass added gives a little more coverage to the screen, Overall its a decent screen protector and I think this one should be looked at and given a chance in your decisions

    Dec 07,2018

  • Jeff Hall
    Great screen protector for the price, Well packaged and complete instructions, Glass is very thin but went on easily and adhered all the way to each edge, In all a quality product for a great price, I've tried several other screen protectors included the expensive ones that come with lifetime replacement and the cheapest ones, and this product compares favorably against any other glass protector I've used

    Dec 09,2018

  • Aloa
    Not the screens fault but with the new design this protector isn't going to protect your phone from cracking as the new curved sides are still exposed ... I saved my screen on my phone phone with a glass protector and it would crack but my phone wouldn't ... I don't see this happening with the new iPhone X's ... still will protect from scratching ...

    Nov 06,2018

  • pamela basker
    I believe these protectors serve as a magnifying glass in a way making the screen sharper with improved clarity, Also fingerprint and grudge marks don't linger on the screen for long at all so my screen stays clear and clear, But still I believe that the protector could have extend further to the edges than it actually does

    Dec 18,2018

  • rozman
    Great product, but can be a problem if not installed correctly.
    It's a great tempered glass, fits perfectly.
    But if you don't install it properly, even for a millimeter, glass won't fit perfectly and dust will fly in from the edges and won't stuck to the screen perfectly as it should. You can see dust beneath the tempered glass in the picture.

    Mar 17,2019

  • Ali ikbal ali mamad
    Protetor de ecrã 3D s8 plus
    Óptimo produto , chegou rápido e em bom estado, muito resistente bastante pratico é de boa qualidade, esta a bom Preço. so podiam melhorar a forma de embalar tfatando-se de um produto muito fragil dos 2 que comprei 1 veio danificado mais como todo mundo sabe que a gerabest é muito seria me rembolso do produto danificado. GEARBEST é fantástica!

    Feb 02,2019

  • trip_dont_fall
    This was my first time trying to use a solid tempered glass protector, I have a pretty solid case which there really wasn't much scuff to the case but I noticed the screen protector had a slight vertical crack which eventually got worse and another horizontal one developed

    Nov 29,2018

  • ratskie
    clear screen protector as advertised and is very easy to apply without bubbles, I have full touch screen functionality without compromise, this protector could be quite a bit bigger, even with the curved screen, therefore providing more protection for your phone

    Nov 02,2018