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  • Eugen
    Good little flash stick
    Good product, it was instantly recognized from my phone. It have an app (a shortcut to install one application), to save your file on cloud. I'm not a fan of cloud saving, but for others could be very usefull. It have 14,45Gb. But i know that never one usb, hdd, ssd, etc will not have exactly the memory that is writed on paper. I don't make, yet, one test to see how is the transfer speed from/to phone/flash drive.
    Nothing yet :)

    Sep 21,2016

  • Martins B.
    It arrived
    Two of them have arrived and they seem to work. I haven't had a chance to test their speeds, but eventually I will do it, then update review. They still have yet to stand the test of time, but from the build quality they appear good so I expect them to last.

    They look good and are small enough to not bother anyone. With the metal handle they easily can be added to your keys and they won't add much bulk.
    It doesn't have a light when plugged in, but it's not like I need something like that. Just mentioning this since it seemed unnatural.

    Apr 12,2016

  • abdelkhalak
    2 in 1 EAGET CU10 16G USB 3.0 to Type-C Flash Memory
    انها فلاشة الداكرة المميزة لقد سهلت علي كثيرا من الاشياء كنت مضطرا الى شبك الهاتف بالحاسوب لنقل البيانات اما الان فقد اصبح الامر سهلا بفضل هذه الفلاشة
    لا سلبيات

    Mar 05,2018

  • kostasflam
    Quality product and fast delivery
    The EAGET CU10 16G USB flash drive is very convenient because it can connect both to a Type-C device (newer smartphones or tablets) and a traditional USB input of your PC. So it works both ways and also in very fast speeds. I'm totally satisfied and definitely recommend it.

    Nov 18,2018

  • Peter Sarkany
    64GB USB-C miracle
    Tested, works as advertised with XiaoMI MI4c
    - write speed is around 11MB/s
    - phone sees it including Music and Video player
    - file transfer works nice
    - no issue with PC (Win7)
    - quality finish
    - no issues

    Sep 21,2016

  • Arthur Braga
    Reliable but average speed
    (64Gb version) I thought it would cause problems, because it runs REALLY hot, but the only thing that could be better is the speed, which is around 30MB/s for write (when in heavy load) and 90MB/s for Read
    Device tested: MacBook Pro 2017

    May 21,2019

  • Stelios
    Quality product and fast delivery
    - write speed is around 11MB/s
    - phone sees it including Music and Video player
    - file transfer works nice
    - no issue with PC (Win7)
    - quality finish

    Jan 16,2019

  • Lendi
    Eaget type c flash drive
    Lots of memory, practical, usefull and compact. Perfect and worth every cent

    Feb 04,2017

  • Katsu
    EAGET Flash Drive
    The 2 in 1 Flash memory is a good option of type-c to usb3.0 flash drive, the design and construction is well-made
    Just worked in my phone formating, i think apk was the problem

    Feb 28,2018

  • sudarshana
    loved it
    extremely compact n elegant... storage capacity 64 gb is just toooo good . slightly pricey tho yet a very lovely flash drive to have... go for it

    Sep 14,2018