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  • Michael Patton
    Overall the light fixture is nice and modern looking which I liked as it really made my kitchen stand out, my second issue is that the glass part of the light itself seems almost too small to go securely under the metal tabs which are to help hold it in place, I don't know if this is a defect but both lights I had exhibited the same issue, overall I'm pleased with the light and I setup LED bulbs inside and it looks great

    May 18,2016

  • MaksymusPrime
    Very Happy with this light, it has a nice frosted glass cover on the bottom so you dont have any bulbs blaring in your face and knocking your false eyelashes off, clean and classy looking light fixture and think I will buy another one for the kitchen

    Apr 14,2017

  • RockstarBruski
    Im an electrician and I found this fixture fairly simple to install, the instructions were specific simple to understand, I would be extra careful with the glass, great looking fixture

    Oct 26,2016

  • Vernard C Williams Sr
    It's large enough and I love the design, I like how the bottom has frosted glass as I can not stand bright overhead lighting in general, great price for a great dining room light

    Apr 06,2018

  • T. R. Partee
    Similar-looking fixtures, this looks wonderful on my bedroom ceiling with just the right amount of sparkle, I would like to note that the instructions are not very clear

    Jul 03,2018

  • CaptTrip
    We just received and installed this light in the sitting area of our bedroom last night, the installation was easy and came with good instructions

    Jan 17,2017

  • J. Lawrence
    After several attempts with different ceiling lights I found this lamp very attractive and modern and cheap

    Jul 12,2018

    I imagine that it will be a bit difficult to take on and off for bulb changes, happy enough with purchase

    Jul 10,2017

  • H. Collins
    Very affordable - but had to lengthen the chain and put in larger jars, it was a bit too small for my area

    Mar 02,2017

  • Paul Kurtz
    This could be no big deal for you, and the lamp goes into the ceiling a certain way

    Mar 23,2016