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  • Lubomir
    E14 12W 36 SMD - 5630 1100Lm - gearbest
    dobrá, kvalitná a lacná žiarovka
    používam ju v digestore v kuchyni
    svietivosť je dostatočná a z nákupom som spokojný

    good, kvality and cheap bulb
    I use it in the kitchen digestor
    luminosity is sufficient and I am satisfied with the purchases
    podľa mňa nemá svietivosť 1100 ale oveľa menej - ale aj tak to je dobré

    I do not think I have the luminosity of 1100 but much less - but so it is good

    Jan 25,2018

  • PM Channel
    E14 12W SMD - 5630
    В принципе за свою цену лампочки достойные. Приходят они запакованные в коробочки. Яркость свечения не 1100 люменов, но и не тусклый свет. Качество сборки отличное. Сколько прослужат я не знаю, но уже около месяца в зале и нормально. Мерцания тоже не заметил.
    Одна из лампочек была с кривым цоколем, но это никак не влияет на работу.

    Mar 01,2018

  • Tziota Zoritsa
    nice product
    I am pleased with this bulb considering the price, i don\'t have specialized laboratory for measuring lumens but I would say that this bulb is about 600-700 lumens because I compared it with several other bulbs, that I was expecting when I saw 36 SMD-5630 that\'s what I got so I am satisfied. The only thing that I don\'t know is the durability, I will wait for that. I recomend.
    nothing after two months

    Mar 09,2017

  • Eduardo
    Bulbs I chose the price / performance ratio. 1100lm and white light I needed to illuminate my room. Good buy.The cover is plastic, solid, which is good if the bulb falls accidentally when handling.

    Mar 19,2018

  • Aghyad
    led lamp
    اضاءة جيدة
    سعر رخيص
    استعملت إحداها للإضاءة أعلى فرن الغاز، والأخرى لإضاءة ممر في المنزل
    أستطيع القول انها جيدة لكن لا تكفي 1300lm لإضاءة غرفة بشكل جيد
    لا يوجد

    Dec 10,2016

  • Eftychia Α
    Great led bulb!!
    It's white colour but it's ok! Works great for a small room or portatif or something like that

    Mar 11,2017

  • MB
    Corn Bulb
    2nd time i buy this article. Escellent value for money. Works fine with good quality light. Will buy again for sure

    Mar 08,2018

  • Ediglane
    Just good
    The material looks nice but I had not tested yet because the socket is not common in my region, I need an adapter or change it.

    Aug 28,2018

  • MataHonda
    E14 12W SMD - 5630 36 - LEDs 1100Lm Light 6000 - 6500K 220 - 240V
    very good quality LED bulb. easy. the light output is very good, does not matter for the eyes, does not create fatigue and frugal
    very good quality LED bulb. easy. the light output is very good, does not matter for the eyes, does not create fatigue and frugal

    Oct 05,2016

  • András Kaszás
    works just fine
    cheap, low energy consumption, really bright lights, got here about 20 days
    none so far

    Aug 26,2016