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  • Mario
    Da (0) Culoare: Silver
    Good starter kit for building coils
    After browsing for sets to make my own coils i wanted to go for something cheaper since i just started vaping.
    i saw this kit and was pleased with what it contains.
    i already built 3 coils and i am very satisfied with the results. the scissors are decent and in my case are able to cut through my cotton easily.
    the tweezers are basically useless in this package.
    i would recommend buying another set like i did to finish your vaping tools. it added a pair of ceramic tweezers and a nice wire cutter. after that my tools where completet and im overall pleased with the quality of the kit. only the tweezers went straight to the bin.
    the items feel very good and arent made cheaply.
    tweezers out of plastic. just also buy ceramic tweezers and you are set with this kit. way better than buying somthing expensive like coil master. this basic tools are great for people like me that just started vaping. inexpensive and do their job.

    Jul 19,2018

  • Dino
    Da (0) Culoare: Silver
    accessori utli
    Premetto che ho comprato questo kit essendo alle prime armi nella rigenerazione e pensavo di avere difficoltà nel fare la resistenza. In realtà, con un'altro accessorio già acquistato su gearbest, mi sono reso conto che questo kit mi serve solo in parte. nello specifico: ottime forbici, tagliano molto bene il cotone, pinzette di plastica ma utili, il resto degli accessori (quelle per confezionare le resistenze) per ora non li utilizzo. Magari in futuro potrei apprezzarne l'utilizzo...vedremo.
    Unico appunto: avrei inserito nel kit anche una pinza/tenaglia mini per tagliare il filo

    Apr 01,2018

  • Wolfgar
    Da (0) Culoare: Silver
    Cheap but handy toolset
    It's pretty handy toolset, the coil winder is of decent quality, I used better but it's enough to do it's job and compared to my more expensive one it can fit thicker wires as claptons without issue. Main advantage is huge diameter range going to 4mm.
    The rest of the set is decent, I use the box to carry it around and added few more things as little wire cutters. The folding scissors are great, much sharper than I expected and great for cutting cotton.
    The tweezers are made from plastic which makes them entirely useless. I replaced them with ceramic tipped ones I bought separately.

    Apr 10,2017

  • Janmaat
    Da (0) Culoare: Silver
    Gutes Einsteiger Set für E-Zigaretten
    Ich mag das Set. Die Schere ist schön scharf und es ist soweit alles für den Anfänger enthalten. Leider ist bei mir die aus Plastik bestehende Pinzette recht schnell abgebrochen, aber sonst funktioniert alles gut. Einzig eine Anleitung wie man die Coil Winder benutzt wäre gut gewesen, so musste ich erst etwas recherchieren. Diese sind für den Anfang gut, allerdings bekommt man mit etwas Übung bessere Ergebnisse ohne sie hin.

    Oct 10,2018

  • Kukeiro
    Da (0) Culoare: Silver
    DIY 6-in-1 Magic Stick CW Coil Winder Kit Best quality/price rating
    I received the product quite quickly.
    The tool case is of very good quality, including a zipper. All tools are made of good quality material with a good surface finish.
    Only scissors do not give the impression that they are strong, but they fulfill their role.
    By far the best value for money.
    I recommend it very much.

    Oct 25,2018

  • Павел
    Da (0) Culoare: Silver
    Спорный набор
    из плюсов могу отметить в принципе не плохие ножницы ( не супер, но как в наборе норм + компактные) свою функцию выполняют вопрос только насколько долго они ее будут выполнят так как ручки в yeof.n сомнение в этом. Также просто отличный мастер коил просто единственное из-за чего стоит взять этот набор с проволокой в 2-3 жили справляется. Пинцет пластиковый пожалуй только может пригодится для укладки ваты и все
    Неприятный запах от поролона просто жесть, даже глаза режит, решил эту проблему тем что выкинул его, вроде стало все нормально. В принципе бесполезный пластиковый пинцет

    Nov 16,2017

  • Неривар
    Da (1) Culoare: Silver
    Набор для начинающего
    Неплохой набор для начинающего вэйпера. Есть и ножнички и койлер для разных диаметров, им можно делать как микрокоилы так и ровные спирали из заготовок клептона.
    пинцет пластиковый... им разве что вату поправлять.

    Dec 24,2017

  • Patrick
    Da (0) Culoare: Silver
    Nützliches SET
    Die Schere schneidet wirklich gut.
    Das Wickeltool funktioniert sehr gut, habe so meine erste Wicklung gewickelt, sonst habe ich das immer Freihand mit einen 3 mm Bohrer gemacht, die Wicklungen werden aber schön dicht wenn man raus bekommen hat wie es gemacht werden muss. Im allen und ganzen ist es ein gutes Set für diesen kleinen Preis
    Für das Wickeln hätte eine bessere Beschreibung dabei liegen können.

    Oct 15,2016

  • A.Weckmann
    Da (0) Culoare: Silver
    Coil Kit For DIY
    It is a small box that has everything you require for making your own coil builds with ease. Very useful for both beginners and pro users alike. Ordered 2 boxes and i will order 2 more.

    Apr 23,2017

  • Vincenzo
    Da (0) Culoare: Silver
    Kit rigenerazione
    Comprende un Kit per la rigenerazione indubbiamente utile e con gli strumenti essenziali. La fattura non è delle migliori ma svolge il suo ruolo e per il prezzo è decisamente conveniente. Abbastanza comodo da portare o come secondo kit da tenere magari in studio per le urgenze. Alla fine il giudizio è abbastanza positivo
    contenitore di plastica debole e no di buona fattura

    Feb 08,2017