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  • Shah
    I satisfied with it
    I've bought similar products from other sellers before, but I didn't expect it to smell so bad. Bu this old man mask is perfectly in line with my expectations, it does not produce a lot of pungent smell, very convenient for me to clean and use. I 'm satisfied. So I would like to recommend it to you as well.

    Nov 16,2020

  • RE
    Good gift
    I purchased it as Christmas gift for my friend, he was very exciting about it. Because it is the first time to use this mask, it was very different experience. And it has not strong smell, which is not harmful for our health. It is very easy to wear and to clean. My friend really enjoyed this thing

    Nov 18,2020

  • Javier
    Fit for our party
    We would like to have a crazy and exciting Christmas, so we were looking for a strange mask for our party. We research online for a long time and chose this mask, because we really like the old man figure and it is made of the good material, no strange smell, comfortable to wear, excellent

    Oct 09,2020

  • Anna
    This was used on a Chri statue in my yard Looked Great

    Nov 12,2020

  • Lairdo
    This mask is much more better than I expacted

    Dec 17,2020

  • Nancy
    Excellent mask ever
    This is a great mask I have bought so far

    Nov 18,2020

  • Jame
    I love this mask and really enjoy it

    Nov 19,2020

  • Camper
    Great thing
    Great thing with good price

    Oct 23,2020