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  • alex
    Very bright!
    This version of the C8+ is very bright, a lot brighter than the standard C8. But the trade off is that it does get very hot very quick. Not sure how reliable it will be in the long run but it is very good so far.

    Jul 04,2019

  • Dioklecian
    Convoy C8+
    Good flood flashlight, works well with samsung 30q 18650. I have nothing much to say, just like in the other reviews it is a great flashlight. Recommended

    Jun 05,2020

  • Vegeta
    Stringi beam
    Flashlight made of good materials like all convoys. Pretty good and strong Beam. Flashlight got only on and off mode nothing between.

    Dec 19,2019

  • Jackie
    gran prodotto
    torcia led Ben fatto. fascia lunghissima. fa molta luce. e materiale buona

    Jun 01,2020

  • ok
    Convoy C8 + Met Luminus SST40 Koper DTP Board En Ar-coated Binnen 2000lm 6500K
    The beam is nice, the new 4 mode driver is a great step forward. The chips markings are ground off, but they are AON7520 mosfets, a great budget transistor.

    Dec 19,2019

  • Perfect
    great torch
    Daylight in the dark
    Perfect item. I give 5 stars

    Dec 15,2019

  • Hubert
    Dobre to jest.
    Poważnie dobre to jest i jak świeci w dodatku. Cenę zbiłem punktami i wyszło niespełna pinć dyszków. Opłacało się.

    Jan 02,2020