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  • RC
    Cycle Phone Holder with Silicone Support Band - BLACK
    For the price looks a good buy. without the silicon band a heavy smartphone will eventually fall off, but has a nice grip.
    with the silicone band the phone absolutely won't fall, but in my case the digital scan is in top/center/back and becomes hardly acessible.
    If you want to record the ride with the mobile, the silicone band will surely block cameras on most models.
    if you want it just to follow GPS route or not to carry it in a bag, it's perfect, it will not fall!!!
    Seams a bit "Forced" for a 5.5" smartphone.
    Silicone band can limit usage of fingerprint recognition , cameras and some buttons.

    Jun 27,2018

  • fsh
    Very practical phone holder for bicycle
    * Amazing price!
    * It's not difficult to assemble
    * The rubber strap holds the phone very tighly
    * It can easily be fit to the bicycle, even without a screw driver
    * It did not come with instructions on how to assemble, but it's really simple, so it's not really necessary.

    Jun 22,2018

  • Joao Dias
    Best support ever! For any handlebar vehicle
    The rubbers do make the difference, extra grip and turbulance absorver, almostno shacking, it is really great to set up your maps online or offline and just go with the flow on any terrain, I've testes on asphalt, dirt, coblestone and rocks
    Wish it had just a little more metal then plastic, but still, the value €€€ is proportional to the materials, so thanks! :)

    May 01,2018

  • ErOzcan
    very usefull
    bought this for my atv it comes in quite handy hold very firm and tight dont thing it ll fall when i drive
    the plastic thing which you cover your phone is quite hard to put on otherwise its good

    Feb 03,2018

  • Henry Hdez - Colombia
    Soporte de teléfono para Moto o Bicicleta
    Realmente es muy buen producto, cumple con lo que promete, el producto a pesar que no trae instrucciones es fácil de instalar y se puede hacer en cualquier manubrio, gracias a los accesorios de goma que trae.
    Los sujetadores podrían ser de mejor calidad pero lo más importante es que el celular no se cae, y por el precio SI lo RECOMIENDO

    Oct 05,2018

  • Soporte para celular
    Los materiales aunque básicos parece que resistirán bien el uso
    Buen precio
    Se ajusta a varios anchos de tubo
    Puede usarse con teléfonos de 5"
    Se instala fácil
    EL soporte viene en 2 piezas por lo que puedes dejar instalada sólo la base en caso de que no se use,
    Los materiales pueden parecer un poco simples Por lo que la banda de goma podrías dar un poco de desconfianza pero se entiende por el precio.

    May 26,2018

  • FreeXKill
    Good to hold phones
    I feel like it could be less cheaper. But it does the work pretty well. That thing is juste perfectly sized for my phone! It's box is just completely scrap. What happened?

    Sep 11,2018

  • Víctor
    Soporte para teléfono para bicicletas con banda de soporte de silicona - Negro
    Excelente producto, cumple con las expectativas. La banda de silicona ofrece un gran agarre sin la cual el teléfono correría el riesgo de caer. Recomendable en un 100%

    Jun 16,2019

  • Joaodias1987
    Goes very well on a scooter!
    I bought it for the rent a scooter where I work so that clients could use it for navigation with their smartphones, it turned out great! Super reliable and easy to work with
    Can't brag about nothing, You're looking at a very good support

    Jul 21,2018

  • Juan
    Cambio de producto
    Se cambió el producto por un reloj, porque no habían existencias del soporte. El reloj es muy bueno. Buen diseño. Vino en uba caja con una pila de repuesto. Recomendado 100 %

    Dec 17,2019